"RiskIQ have proven to be a true partner to Lagardère. In addition to their innovative technology, the..."
Emmanuel Gaudin
"At first, we weren’t aware of the scope of the underground market for rogue apps. Once we got started..."
Sal Tripi
AVP, Digital Operations & Compliance
"I call the RiskIQ engine my ‘phish finder,' as I know exactly where to focus my efforts on a daily ba..."
Andrew Love
Head of Brand Security, Global Investigations and Legal Enforcement
"RiskIQ helps us keep a handle on the growing attack surface that we have at DocuSign as we’ve emerged..."
Vanessa Pegueros
"Outbrain is considered a strategic partner that is trusted by our partners and end-users. As such, we..."
Yossi Amara
Vice President of Information Security & IT
"The information we could gather with PassiveTotal allowed us to learn more about the adversary’s infr..."
Gary Ruiz
Senior Manager for Cybersecurity
"We encourage all companies working with threat intelligence to think about ways they can help protect..."
John Scott-Railton
Senior Researcher
"The RiskIQ domain infringement tool is one of the best investments I have made. Within the first two..."
Vicki Gavin
Compliance Director, Head of Business Continuity, Cyber Security and Data Privacy
"RiskIQ has proven to have a very high signal-to-noise ratio in exposing targeted web-based attacks. I..."
Large Enterprise Health Care Company
Chief Information Security Officer
"RiskIQ identified a repository of all our sites globally by leveraging Discovery. This gave us inform..."
Global 500 Professional Services Company
IT Manager
"RiskIQ helps us to detect and block third-party creatives that violate ENVISIONX's sellers’ policies...."
Zheng Zhang
"We have tested other ad verification solutions before, and RiskIQ is the most effective malware detec..."
Guillaume Février
VP Operations
"The key to successfully combating malvertising is visibility. RiskIQ has provided just that, staving..."
Major U.S. Media and Publishing Company
Vice President of Engineering
"Due to the sheer explosion of the number of apps being deployed legitimately and illegitimately under..."
Fortune 10 Global Bank
Director of Client Services and Digital Brand Protection
"The RiskIQ for mobile platform gives us new visibility into a landscape that lacks conventional senso..."
Fortune 100 Insurance Company

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