"Thanks to the RichRelevance RecommendTM solution, we have seen the value of our shopping baskets incr..."
Andreas Augustin
Head of Web Development
"We were particularly impressed with the large campaign sales attributed to recommendations in email—r..."
Amy MacGregor
Email Manager, JohnLewis.com
"There were days when our attributable sales from recs were as high as 18%, and RichRelevance deliver..."
Gary Black
Chief Technology Officer
"We are delighted we have managed to turn around the performance we are seeing from mobile traffic, it..."
Ville Kangasmuukko
"Through the RichRelevance solutions we were able to automate the recommendations based on two desired..."
Lionel Devidal
Digital and Ecommerce Director
"Unlike Amazon, we carry an inventory of one. So traditional personalization strategies - customer seg..."
Jussi Koskinen
"We want to tell the customer why their HP product is awesome – and make sure they are getting everyth..."
Aron Tremble
Sr. Director of Software Experience & Products
"Jequiti wanted to offer affordable high-quality products to new audiences online, and RichRelevance h..."
Marcel Albuquerque
Head of e-Commerce
"Personalization is central to successfully delivering our IT Orchestration promise to customers. Rich..."
John Seebeck
Vice President and GM eCommerce
"A technology has to prove being sustainable and provide a return on investment which I have found wit..."
Felipe Brasil
"What I love about Engage is that it takes us out of the equation in determining what customers would..."
Nicole Norris
Digital Marketing Manager
"Personalization and the ability to deliver, individual relevant experiences are the single most impor..."
Ann Steer
Chief Customer Officer
"The results from A/B test showed how RichRelevance was performing considerably better than our existi..."
Masaya Suzuki
President and CEO
"The implementation of RichRelevance required almost no modifications at all to our ecommerce system a..."
Kosuke Furuhata
Content Development Group
"Transforming sales associates into indispensable shopping assistants recasts tomorrow’s physical shop..."
International Retail Company
I.T. and Ecommerce Director
"Before we introduced data-driven recommendations into the contact center, staff would only offer the..."
David Jennings
Head of Development and Customer Experience

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