"Personalization and the ability to deliver, individual relevant experiences are the single most impor..."
Ann Steer
Chief Customer Officer
"What I love about Engage is that it takes us out of the equation in determining what customers would..."
Nicole Norris
Digital Marketing Manager
"RichRelevance helps us understand our customers better because we have all our site’s behavioral info..."
Marcio Carvalho
U/X Coordinator
"As we set out to revamp HBR.org, we spoke to our users nearly every week to understand their needs an..."
Eric Hellweg
Managing Director of Digital Strategy
"RichRelevance gives us the ability to easily and confidently test new ideas and strategies which is i..."
Stelios Nikolidakis
Partner and Personalisation Manager
"Feedback from users so far has been extremely positive and we can see that the new component has seen..."
Lara Ellis
Product Owner of the Partner App
"We see personalisation as an extension of quality customer service, by giving every shopper an experi..."
Sean O’Connor
Head of Online Delivery & Customer Experience
"RichRelevance works with the most innovative retail leaders around the world. It was important for us..."
Marc Schumacher
Chief Marketing Officer
"Engage is probably one of the most important tools we are using to drive the online business forward..."
Lauren de Bray
Online Merchandising Manager
"We want to tell the customer why their HP product is awesome – and make sure they are getting everyth..."
Aron Tremble
Sr. Director of Software Experience & Products
"Before we introduced data-driven recommendations into the contact center, staff would only offer the..."
David Jennings
Head of Development and Customer Experience
"Due to the breadth of our assortment coupled with the range of shopping missions our customers are on..."
Gabriella Frankl
Partner + CRM Team Manager
"RichRelevance won us over with their experience and professionalism. Their solutions are flexible and..."
Nils Hommen
Project Manager
"Both Engage and Recommend have given us not only the opportunity but also the confidence to be sure t..."
Richard Stone
Online Merchandising Executive
"RichRelevance has the features right now that we need to deliver our vision to focus on the needs of..."
Michael Roberts
Senior Merchandiser
"We measure customer engagement with our content by analyzing the click through rate of the personaliz..."
Multinational Electrical Retailing Company
ECommerce Director

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