"This was the first project of this magnitude in our company history rolled out on time, on budget and..."
Jeff Casey
SVP Alternative Delivery Channels
"Pulling reports of ACH returns for monthly Board meetings— something that would take me six or seven..."
Kelly Davis
SVP and Director of Deposit Operations
"Our members have responded to the Q2 Platform like those who visit the baseball field in the movie Fi..."
Scott Johnson
Chief Information Officer
"Choosing to work with Cloud Lending was the right move for us. We faced a short time to market becaus..."
Emiel Schoonderwoerd
Product Owner
"Our initial partnership with Q2 Gro enabled us to provide consumer checking and savings accounts nati..."
Melissa Eggleston
Chief Deposit Officer
"Q2 Open has allowed us to enter new markets and engage new opportunities in a way that we wouldn’t ot..."
Michael Bartkoski
Chief Operations Officer
"Harmoney is not a bank or a finance company. Harmoney is a technology enabled financial market place..."
Neil Roberts
CEO and Founder
"We chose Q2 because they are a true strategic partner, not just a vendor. They are continually innova..."
Tim Greene
Vice President of IT Elements
"With Cloud Lending we reduced an anticipated six to 12 months platform build and deployment to less t..."
Franck Fatras
Co-Founder and CTO
"Our business is to make the process of getting funding as simple and convenient as possible for our c..."
Ylva Oertengren
Chief Operating Officer
"Because we have a very strong digital partner now, we feel confident we can expand, and we can go int..."
Ben Wells
Digital Banking Officer
"Their solution provides a completely frictionless process. It’s materially impacted our new member gr..."
David Mason
CTO for the Credit Union
"I just feel comfortable with Q2. I know that they’ll do what they say and say what they’ll do. It’s o..."
Scott Jennings
Chief Operating Officer
"We think Q2 Contextual PFM will help be that bridge for the younger generation...."
Shelly Anderson
Emerging Technology Manager
"At the end of the day, Q2 is a great partner for us. They help us develop a platform today that will..."
Evan Ashcraft
Vice President of Product Strategy
"Implementing Gro has removed a lot of friction— not only where we can bank people and gain customers—..."
Andrew Hansen
Deposit Experience Manager

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