"I happily discovered that Nextopia's software has an amazing amount of built-in automation that conti..."
Patrick Gill
Marketing & eCommerce
"Integrating Nextopia into our website was one of the best decisions I've made in recent years. The ab..."
Michael Eldridge
"Nextopia is one of the greatest assets to the relaunch of our website. We have seen our sales & page..."
Katie O'Connell
eCommerce Manager
"We can see if and when people are not finding what they need, which has helped us reduce the number o..."
Kimberly Friddle
e-Commerce Director
"We have been using the Nextopia search function for several years with good success. Customers can qu..."
Mike Barnette
"Nextopia Navigation paid for itself in less than 30 days. Conversion increased 20% and average order..."
Doug Smith
Director of Business Development
"They've been very attentive to us in terms of any technical issues we raised, and we found it's been..."
Kevin Hickey
CEO, Online Stores, Inc.
"With Nextopia our customers are finding what they want much faster and easier. The autocomplete, aut..."
Raphi Mahgerefteh
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
"Nextopia has been a good partner and we would highly recommend them...."
Sean Clough
"I am absolutely a fan of Nextopia for two reasons: the product and the support staff...."
Angelica Dewlow
Marketing Director
"A proven winner Nextopia has TRIPLED Revenue, DOUBLED conversion rate and slashed bounce rate by over..."
Brendan Fleming
Director, eCommerce, Lacrosse Unlimited
"Great tool, very useful & beneficial to any site. The staff & support is great and very knowledgeable..."
Chief Technology Officer
"Implementing Nextopia has greatly helped our customers find what they need on our site. Our old searc..."
John Chen
President, PaperLanternStore.com
"We would definitely recommend Nextopia. It is the best search solutionprovider for SaaS platforms and..."
Shathanand Rao
Product Manager
"We would absolutely recommend Nextopia. We love its robust front end search functionality, ease of..."
Ashley Wilcox
eCommerce Marketing and Manager of Operations
"Nextopia's search feature made it easier for our customers to look for a particular product just by t..."
Kamal Mukherjee
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

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