"We were already astonished to see what SMS could deliver compared to email With email we had a conver..."
Andrea Santambrogio
CTO and Co-Founder, Social Zone
"Our clients use AdvancedSMS to deliver sensitive and pertinent information to their customers...."
Kadesh T. Bailey
General Manager, SITCA
"We’ve tried just about every SMS gateway around, Nexmo turns out to be the fastest and most reliable..."
Pat Coggins
Chief Technology Officer, WBT Consultants
"We had a lot of mobile numbers in our opt-in database, and it occurred to us that we could use that i..."
Gilles Grorud
Head of the Mobile Solutions group, Rentabiliweb
"When we found Nexmo, we were up and running in one day, with a lower-cost solution that was easy to i..."
Taiwo Oyeniyi
Co-founder, Rhombus
"In moving to Nexmo, our text message deliverability went from as little as 10% to more than 90%. It w..."
Nicolas Douay
COO and Co-Founder, KelDoc
"Folr users want to be sure that the people they authorize to follow their movements are really the pe..."
Steven Ellis
CTO, Folr
"Using Class Cover and SMS outreach is a huge game-changer for educators...."
Ben Grozier
Co-Founder, Class Cover
"Our interactions with our customers are very brief, so we need to ensure that their experiences are t..."
Simone D’Amico
CTO, Pronto
"Nexmo is wonderful. To be able to add an international mobile number to our inbound API in just a few..."
Fraser Hardy
Co-Founder and CTO, Qudini
"Using Nexmo's user authentication API allowed us to legitimize the service and our user base. Nexmo's..."
Olivier Jeannel
"When we switched all of our activity for the IVR and the voice work onto Nexmo, all it took was a day..."
Max Armbruster
"There are huge barriers that we have to overcome to communicate in Guinea, but Nexmo makes it possibl..."
Mohamed Diarra
Co-Founder, The D-Corp
"We started getting warnings from some of the carriers because we were sending so many text messages t..."
Mr. Hafez
Founder, SubstituteAlert
"The country-specific considerations for the 50 to 60 destinations to which we expect to send authenti..."
Mohan Thimmadasaiah
Lead Engineer, Reel Messenger
"Logistics companies seek to provide real time delivery information while keeping costs down, which ma..."
Fanny See
CMO and Co-Founder

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