"It became an easy decision when I submitted a question to Nexmo's support team and received a respons..."
Mads Rode
"Our system interacts with the Nexmo Cloud API to send out hundreds of validation messages in any give..."
Jose Puerta
The Head Network Engineer, CallDirek
"Our previous provider wasn’t just some small, old-school SMS provider, either, It had a great reputat..."
Fredrik Rönnlund
CEO, DigitalBooker
"We were already astonished to see what SMS could deliver compared to email With email we had a conver..."
Andrea Santambrogio
CTO and Co-Founder, Social Zone
"We chose to use SMS for outreach because we’ve found that people respond much more quickly to text me..."
Raphaël Kolm
CTO, Privateaser
"For LookBooker, reliability of notification delivery was critical for the success of our service. Nex..."
Renee Robbie
"Having an agile platform is the key to staying ahead of our competitor's product innovations. Using N..."
Daniel Döderlein
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
"The simplicity of integrating Nexmo into our system was impressive. From the moment a customer regist..."
Miguel Ángel Fajardo
"When there’s a critical problem at 2:00 am, our customers depend on us to wake them up. The best way..."
Jeremy Bourque
Product Manager, Notification Delivery
"User verification is critically important to building organic trust with our users. We required a SMS..."
Nicolas Blanc
Head of Platform Architecture
"When we first started, we didn’t have a lot of experience with customer communications and text messa..."
Nick Moiseff
Director of Products
"We started getting warnings from some of the carriers because we were sending so many text messages t..."
Mr. Hafez
Founder, SubstituteAlert
"We've reduced our SMS costs by around 30% by working with Nexmo...."
David Berkowicz
The Web Development Manager, WiFirst
"Nexmo adds real value by providing a service that enables us to offer our clients solutions that bett..."
Alan Bonnici
The Technical Director and Founder, onNeutral
"There’s nothing scarier than being completely reliant on others, and we’ve received hundreds of email..."
Patrick Coggins
"When I saw that Nexmo provides support to companies like Viber and Line, though, I had to believe tha..."
Konstantin Ondokolkin
Co-Founder, Frim

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