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Contact current users to see how they are using Neustar to benefit their business.

Contact current Neustar users to see how they are using Neustar to benefit their business.

Tia Newcomer

Vice President of Marketing, Cord Blood Registry

Justin Newton

Founder and CEO

Mario Witte

CTO, Team Internet

Keith Bussey

CTO, Choxi

Jon Oberheide

Co-Founder & CTO, Duo Security

Jennifer Lum

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Adelphic

Michael Darwal

Chief Marketing Officer, Digital Globe Services

Elizabeth Dye

Director of Marketing Analytics, Sparkroom

Lewis Broadnax

Executive Director, Lenovo

Siping Roussin

Senior Manager of Optimization & Personalization, Lenovo

Ron Tomimbang

IT manager

Eshwar Belani

VP of Products and Business Development, Rocket Fuel

James Boyce

National Network Director, Ticketmaster

Paul Ellis

Network Manager, Tesco.com

Mike Smith

Senior Vice President and General Manager Operations

Ian Pulsford

Head of IT

Chris Bates

Head of Customer Marketing

Jeff Rosenfeld

VP of Customer Insight and Analytics

Anton James

IT manager

Andrew Gerhart


Ashley Snowdon

Service Transition Manager

Jeff Stalnaker

Co-Founder, PrivacyStar

David Suarez

CTO, Nexica

Chang Ahn

Director of Application Development, American Bar Association

Brendon McCaulley

Executive Director of IT Service Operations, Heartland Payment Systems

Paul Hume

Development Manager for Emerging Technology at Marston’s

David Glanzer

Director, Marketing and Public Relations, Comic-Con