"We helped provide Ticketmaster a solution that is simple and intuitive, facilitates faster and more a..."
James Boyce
National Network Director, Ticketmaster
"As with most OEMs [original equipment manufacturers], there’s no need to authenticate in order to bro..."
Siping Roussin
Senior Manager of Optimization & Personalization, Lenovo
"Our retail locations were often misrepresented in various local search engines, Listings often includ..."
Curtis F. Corl
"Neustar MarketShare has invested in John Lewis to not only help us optimise our marketing spend, but..."
Chris Bates
Head of Customer Marketing
"DNS is too important not to do it right...."
Ian Pulsford
Head of IT Services
"We liked that Neustar was local, respected the privacy of personal data – like us – and they’re a pro..."
Rahul Belur
Data Scientist
"At Texas Roadhouse, we don’t purchase national advertising, so maintaining a strong local and online..."
Tyler Durham
Online Marketing Resources Coordinator
"We pride ourselves on having the best end-to-end user experience in the local market. And Neustar hel..."
Asif Ghafoor
CEO and Founder
"The offering with BGP protection varies from one provider to the next and can be quite fixed. Neustar..."
David Suarez
Director of Technology and Operations
"Neustar connects directly with Unicept Data’s own equipment. This makes it better while being more se..."
Jason Bonnici
"We appreciate the full transparency that Neustar IP Intelligence provides...."
Cabell de Marcellus
Chief Technology Officer
"As we continue to scale our business, having accurate geolocation data is crucial for helping Sumo Lo..."
Brian Bozzello
Senior Product Manager
"It’s good to know we have professional DDoS mitigation in place in case of attack...."
Martin Farrelly
Head of IT Risk and Control
"Hilton Worldwide relies on MarketShare technology to support its most critical marketing spend decisi..."
Martin Stolfa
Commercial Services Analytics
"Now, with the help of MarketShare DecisionCloud, we’ve revolutionized our ability to grow revenue as..."
Major Global Technology Brand
"Neustar ticked a number of boxes in terms of speed of network, reputation and training history...."
David Kavanagh

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