"As with most OEMs [original equipment manufacturers], there’s no need to authenticate in order to bro..."
Siping Roussin
Senior Manager of Optimization & Personalization, Lenovo
"According to research, 95% of data breaches involve stolen credentials. With accurate IP data to stre..."
Jon Oberheide
Co-Founder & CTO, Duo Security
"Neustar MarketShare has invested in John Lewis to not only help us optimise our marketing spend, but..."
Chris Bates
Head of Customer Marketing
"Our objective is to offer our clients a broad set of ways to reliably reach mobile audiences,r.In the..."
Jennifer Lum
Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Adelphic
"A brand like ours cannot afford downtime due to DNS errors or denial of service attacks. Forbes.com i..."
Mike Smith
Senior Vice President and General Manager Operations
"We used AdAdvisor data to reach the target audience for the brand, with fantastic results,” said Bela..."
Eshwar Belani
VP of Products and Business Development, Rocket Fuel
"Using our attribution models to also target was a great proof point for us that this methodology and..."
Jeff Rosenfeld
VP of Customer Insight and Analytics
"Partnering with Neustar, Sparkroom is driving results for their clients across the board...."
Elizabeth Dye
Director of Marketing Analytics, Sparkroom
"We liked that Neustar was local, respected the privacy of personal data – like us – and they’re a pro..."
Rahul Belur
Data Scientist
"We pride ourselves on having the best end-to-end user experience in the local market. And Neustar hel..."
Asif Ghafoor
CEO and Founder
"With UltraDNS we feel future-proof and I would not hesitate to recommend it as a DNS service...."
Javier Mayoral
Systems Administrator
"Neustar has saved the State of Alaska millions of dollars with IP GeoPoint data. Not only are we seei..."
Anne Weske
Operations Manager, Permanent Fund Dividend Division
"We’re beating the National Average for Enrolling Millennials...."
Major Healthcare Insurance Company
"Our use of Neustar data solves a very significant problem how do we know where people are accessing u..."
Johnny Miller
Technical Architect
"As one of Europe’s largest sellers of personalized printed cards and gifts—coffee mugs, teddy bears,..."
John Symonds
IT Services Manager, Funky Pigeon
"Neustar is a reputable and neutral authority...."
Darren Higgins
Infrastructure Manager

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