"We helped provide Ticketmaster a solution that is simple and intuitive, facilitates faster and more a..."
James Boyce
National Network Director, Ticketmaster
"We used AdAdvisor data to reach the target audience for the brand, with fantastic results,” said Bela..."
Eshwar Belani
VP of Products and Business Development, Rocket Fuel
"Our retail locations were often misrepresented in various local search engines, Listings often includ..."
Curtis F. Corl
"When the note came, I went straight to my Neustar account manager who was unfazed and assured me that..."
Mario Witte
CTO, Team Internet
"When we hosted DNS ourselves, there were various DNS registry errors and it was difficult to make su..."
Grant Leathers
Director of Enterprise Infrastructure
"We liked that Neustar was local, respected the privacy of personal data – like us – and they’re a pro..."
Rahul Belur
Data Scientist
"As the requests came in and we began to expand our footprint, we knew we could count on Neustar to de..."
Rob Del Greco
VP, App Infrastructure
"PathFinder gives us reliability and predictability on SMS service delivery and supports the trust we..."
Adam Bird
CTO, Esendex
"By leveraging Neustar’s DMP, and accessing their identity management capabilities which is the backbo..."
John Baronello
Director of Marketing Analytics
"We could lose the license rights if we weren’t able to locate where our customers were streaming our..."
Marcial Rivas
IT Manager
"A big area of Visto’s focus is verifying that what you’re trying to accomplish with an ad campaign ac..."
Jaisimha Muthegere
Chief Technology Officer
"Thanks to Neustar’s Website Load Testing, we were better able to support our massive registration nu..."
David Glanzer
Director, Marketing and Public Relations, Comic-Con
"If you look up a number and we don’t get it right, you’ll always give us a second chance, If we get i..."
Jeff Stalnaker
Co-Founder, PrivacyStar
"The Neustar Team Were Very Responsive And Have A Great Depth Of Knowledge...."
David Blane
Ecommerce Systems Administrator
"As we continue to scale our business, having accurate geolocation data is crucial for helping Sumo Lo..."
Brian Bozzello
Senior Product Manager
"Neustar has saved the State of Alaska millions of dollars with IP GeoPoint data. Not only are we seei..."
Anne Weske
Operations Manager, Permanent Fund Dividend Division

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