"ComAp´s plans for the future in relation to digitization are that we have just seen the beginning. We..."
Peter Sandin
Chief Executive Officer
"You're able to see individual benefits, you're able to see an ability to deliver treatment to patient..."
Chris Carlin
Consultant Respiratory Physician
"Using Dynamics CRM Online has freed up our staff to spend more time doing what we employed them to do..."
Chris Moon
Information Systems Business Manager
"It would have taken 70 hours a month to get the pre-opportunity data that now is just there in the sy..."
Jeff Kiely
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
"We deliver animal welfare in a way that maximizes impact for animals and delivers our resources in th..."
Simeon Lewis
International Head of IT
"The digital transformation does not stop short of the health care system. We want to grasp the opport..."
Achim Baumstark
"What does digital transformation mean for us? It helps us gain a holistic view of our customers, whic..."
Peter Hohl
Sales Planning
"This increases our all-important speed to revenue through workflow efficiencies. We can move from lea..."
Donnalee Papenfuss
Vice President of Contract Development & Support
"Whenever we are doing something new and innovative, we join forces with the experts at Microsoft and..."
Liora Shechter
Chief Information Officer
"With the increased efficiency from using Dynamics CRM Online, we are saving around 15,000 euros per m..."
Marco Borgherese
Vice President & Co-Founder
"Equally as important is self-management: that ability for the patient to be able to monitor their own..."
David Lowe
Consultant Emergency Medicine
"We’re still in the early stages, but we can already identify specific advantages that either increase..."
Christoffer Berg Lassen
"Aluflexpack Group realized that its existing system gave room for improvement. In order to achieve co..."
Antonio Stojanov
Head of Marketing
"Agents are contributing to the company by writing up the solutions that they’ve discovered. Every sin..."
Lelio Borgherese
Founder and President
"Thanks to Microsoft we have moved from on-premise to cloud with great speed - a move that helps every..."
Yulia Zhatkina
Chief Marketing Officer
"We chose Microsoft to implement our strategy - and we’ve turned ‘impossible’ into ‘possible’ as a res..."
Nisan Moiseev

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