"With Azure and other cloud services like Dynamics 365 and Office 365, we have augmented our solution..."
Arun Rele
"We can predict the performance of an APU. We can therefore optimise stock and turnaround time...."
Jan-Willem Bult
IT Manager
"Our goal is to replace traditional water treatment equipment with digital technology and connected de..."
Nino Marino
Chief Information Officer
"Digitization helps us go beyond share of wallet; it enables us increase customer ‘share of life’...."
Uzoma Dozie
Chief Executive Officer
"With MediusFlow on the Azure platform and Dynamics AX, we found a very flexible way to route, approve..."
Regis Litre
Chief Information Officer
"We’ve embraced a cloud model whereby application and IT infrastructure experts maintain our software..."
Sandra Macpherson
CRM Project Manager
"Our colleagues are able to work more collaboratively because of the improved account visibility that..."
Jasen Hall
CRM Systems Manager
"Microsoft Cloud has made PAVELKA–VTP even more competitive, as we are more flexible and this technolo..."
Rostislav Pavelka
Chief Executive Officer
"Chorus has delivered a solution above our expectations and has always given us a very personal experi..."
Sarah Tulloch
Animal Management Systems Manager
"Those who manage information are also those who post good sales results. CRM improves the level of sa..."
Jeong Jin-ho
Head of Logistics Sales 2 Team
"Microsoft Dynamics 365 has taken us further by delivering the digitization of all our services and te..."
Olga Gavva
Head of Volga Gas’s ERP Implementation Project
"ObjectSharp suggested Microsoft Azure as the best cloud platform, and we were happy to take their rec..."
Anita McKay
Chief Architect
"We have a unified system now at Winner Imports Ukraine that means truly standardized and optimized pr..."
Serhiy Fesyun
Finance Director
"It pulls supplier information, accounting, cost centers, and payment terms from Dynamics AX, so after..."
Maulik Patel
Sr. Manager of IT Finance
"With Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Adobe Experience Cloud, we’re able to meet customers wherever they ar..."
Jenn Galantini
Director of Acquisition Marketing
"When citizen data isn’t centralised, it’s extremely difficult to get a clear picture of who they are..."
Heidi Madden
Enterprise Solutions, Department of Health

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