Contact current users to see how they are using Looker to benefit their business.

Contact current Looker users to see how they are using Looker to benefit their business.

Jamie Davidson

VP Product, HotelTonight

Chris Homer

Co-Founder and CTO, ThredUp

Courtney Guertin

CTO and Co-Founder, Kiip

Todd Lehr

VP Engineering, Dollar Shave Club

Haleemur Ali

Business Intelligence Specialist, Frank & Oak

Geoff Guerdat

Director of Data Engineering, Gilt

Justin Krause

Business Intelligence Developer

Ty Wilson

Senior Data Analyst, CustomMade

Vlad Dubvskiy

Data Scientist

Andrew Mok

Director of Analytics & Marketing, Relay Rides

Marco Gallotta

Data Infrastructure Engineer, Asana

Sandeep Kamath

Senior Manager of Analytics, ShopRunner

Tiffany Hu

Web Engineer & Data Scientist, SeatGeek

Simon Bird

General Manager of eCommerce, Quirky

Ben Clark

Customer Acquisition & Marketing

Michael Erasmus

Data Engineer, Buffer

Britt Crawford

VP Business Analysis and Pricing, Rafter

Jim Nist

VP of Engineering, Couchsurfing

Stewart Duncan

Director of Data Science

Glenn Burnside

Executive VP of Operations

Rex Gibson

Manager of Software Engineering

Dan de Sybel

Director of Technology and Operations

Evan Tahler

Director of Technology

Chino Wong

Creative Director

Anthony Maggio

Co-Founder, Product & Operations

Spencer Wong

Vice President of Products

Tom Hosford

Product Manager, Data & Analytics

James Sandora

Global Head of Digital Strategy and Integration, Kohler

Justin Norris

Solutions Architect

Fabien Barrillot

Product Manager

Jeff McClelland

Lead Analyst

Mark Brown

Data Engineer

Rick Saporta

Data Scientist

Michael E. Gruen

Director of Analytics

Kevin Yang


Daniel Mintz

Head of Data and Analytics

Maia Bittner


Viktoras Jucikas


Dylan Herchern

Business Intelligence Analyst

Jacob Levine

Statistics Lecturer

Kristen Stone

Business Development

Ed Bindl

Senior Software Engineer

Kaushik Reddy


Inez Miedema

Head of Affiliates and Partnerships

Alex Johnson

Head of Operations

Andy Zinsser

Software Engineer

Rachael Morris

Head of Optimization and Insight

Daniel de Sybel


Kristy Lagle

Vice President, Business Operations

Sam Johnson

Head of Business Intelligence

Chris Selland

VP of Business Development

Yali Sassoon


Jessica Zhang

Performance Marketing Lead

Nick Amabile

Director of Business Intelligence

Kevin Clough

Analytics Program Manager

Michael Morrisonn

Director of Operations

Drew Gillson

Vice President, Technology

Christian Lubasch

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Kenneth Berland

Head of Engineering

Arjun Sethi

Co-Founder and CEO

Delano McFarlane

Head of Data Science

Richard Mapes

Director of Data Science and Analytics

Alan Cerclier

BI Analyst

Anand Hattiangadi

Director of Product Management

Jacob Goodwin

Data Scientist

Dheeraj Kumar

Director of Data Warehouse Operations

Adam Burgh

Head of Analytics and Business Intelligence