"We’ve had members come in to the branch to thank us personally because they weren’t aware they had on..."
Enis Huseyin
IT Manager, Bankstown City Credit Union
"By partnering with ThreatMetrix, we can offer best-in-class fraud detection services to our merchants..."
Scott Boding
Senior Director, Risk Solutions Product Management
"ThreatMetrix helped us be compliant with security concerns for customer access and fraud risk...."
Global 500 Financial Services Company
Operation Manager
"We felt that ThreatMetrix’ browser-side fraud detection and rules-based approach was the strongest an..."
Rich Friedman
Vice President of Software Engineering
"By partnering with ThreatMetrix, we have been able to broaden the scope of our payment offerings to i..."
Dave Duncan
"The size and scale of the ThreatMetrix Network provides our direct selling clients with digital intel..."
Mike Cottrell
Vice President Sales
"The ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network collects and processes global shared intelligence from mill..."
Large U.S. Restaurant Chain
"Leveraging intelligence from the ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network, this international bank can a..."
Large International Bank
"In addition to a rapid platform integration, the international and multicultural experience delivered..."
Emre Berk
Head of Trust Management Center
"ThreatMetrix has been invaluable to our company. We have been able to greatly reduce the time spent m..."
Lisa Hogan
Fraud Prevention Supervisor
"Our decisioning capabilities have greatly improved thanks to ThreatMetrix; we are able to leverage co..."
Banque Casino
"ThreatMetrix provides us with the flexibility to modify policies and define rules specific to our bus..."
Federico Fazzari
Fraud Analyst
"ThreatMetrix enables us to detect fraudulent activity automatically and focus on our commitment to re..."
Kate Dunckley
Senior Fraud Strategy Manager
"Moving from static business rules to more dynamic rules with LexisNexis means we have developed this..."
Vinay Sugunanandan
Head of Fraud Risk Management
"Our customer-centric strategy is delivered through simple, smart, personalized banking services. Lexi..."
Alan Grieve
Chief Risk Officer
"This green zone of trusted transactions now makes up the majority of events. The more users interact..."
Duncan Craig Fairley
Head of Operational Risk

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