"Being the CFO of a growth stage company is immensely rewarding. It’s great fun to support the entire..."
Alan Hurwitz
Chief Financial Officer
"Leap the Pond was instrumental in helping us realize we can implement the Sage Intacct Contracts Bill..."
Elliot Goldman
Director of Finance
"Leap the Pond was instrumental in helping us review and recommend best practices to help us achieve o..."
Tina Bourgeois
"Leap the Pond was committed to providing an implementation solution that was the best for our company..."
Dave Fouts
Former Chief Financial Officer
"Leap the Pond has been a fantastic source of support on behalf of Sage Intact. The team’s problem-sol..."
Frank Sterner
"Leap the Pond is a valued resource providing back office and accounting services, which allow us to f..."
Patricia Espinosa
"Leap the Pond provided a smooth implementation on behalf of Sage Intacct. Their team was a knowledgea..."
Ed Strong
"Leap the Pond and Sage Intacct not only had the capability and experience that we required, but more..."
David Wohlwend
Senior Director of Finance and Accounting
"In Sage Intacct, we can import and tag borrower interest and fee income for the month, which allows u..."
Julie Monahan
"During the sales process, the Leap the Pond team promised that Sage Intacct would deliver complete tr..."
Mike Griffiths
Financial Systems Advisor
"The implementation with Leap the Pond went very smoothly. Leap the Pond has a comprehensive understan..."
Steve Schlesinger
"Andrea Low and Leap the Pond have provided great accounting and back office support to Two Roads sinc..."
Peter Doering
Founder & CFO
"Leap the Pond’s consultant was an absolute rock star and we wouldn’t be achieving what we are as a Pu..."
Katrien Vanstaen
Purchasing Analyst
"Before Sage Intacct we were struggling, but after implementation we have dramatically improved and st..."
Cloud-Based Technology Company
Sage Intacct User Controller
"The Leap the Pond team went above and beyond. Even with the dramatic time zone difference, they were..."
Steve Hilton
Chief Financial Officer
"Leap the Pond serves as our company’s contract financial management. They not only serve our day-to-d..."
Harry Penner

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