"We decided that for our Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7 applications, we needed a simple, cos..."
Frank Verkerk
"We expect our customers to have the same conversations and get the same advice whether they walk into..."
Jeff Dennes
Vice President for Digital Strategies
"When you consider that Gen Y is already 23% of the workforce in Canada and will rise to be the larges..."
Alice Thomas
Vp Digital, Crm, Contact Center Application Services
"We’ve cut down the time spent educating customers on how to log into their piano by 30 to 40 percent–..."
Thomas Dolan
President and CEO
"The goal was to make work much easier and more efficient, giving us fewer administrative tasks to per..."
Johan Ter Schegget
Digital Solutions Advisor
"We are definitely excited and looking forward to working with Kony to make use of more of the tools t..."
Joya Newman
Interactive E-Solutions Manager
"We didn’t need to have two native teams, one for iOS and one for Android. We simply could have one te..."
Nick Mikulicz
Business Solutions Developer
"We have a pretty young demographic, and it’s those members who really want the mobile banking channel..."
Colin Anderson
President & CEO
"Our partnership with Kony has been fantastic. Our ability to control what we are delivering and to ro..."
Dawn Brummett
SVP & Chief Oper Ations Officer
"When a business unit develops an app using ENGIE Digital, another business unit, and then another, is..."
Yves Le Gelard
Chief Digital Officer and Group CIO
"We wanted to expand the channels of our tablet terminals, which had only been used internally, and pr..."
Takeshi Hayashi
Mobility, Business Transformation Lead
"I headed the development of “iCE.” Typically, it would take ten months from planning stages to comple..."
Yutaka Takano
Flight Operations Systems,Chief Expert
"I headed the “iCabin” development. Since iCabin is connected to ANA’s core system we expected many re..."
Keitaro Nozaki
iCabin Development Head
"What we know is pianos. We looked for a mobile developer that would work with us, and Kony was the on..."
Aaron Yost
Lead Software Developer
"It’s helpful when we can use apps that allow us to instantly direct our people without having to prov..."
Dorothée Meijer
Head Of The Enforcement Agency
"With Kony’s market-leading platform, professional expertise and commitment to service, we can deliver..."
Jennifer Wilson
Chief Digital Officer

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