"We focus on what we need to do to engage with our customers in the best ways possible...."
Walter Overby
Vice President of Corporate Internet and E-Business
"When you consider that Gen Y is already 23% of the workforce in Canada and will rise to be the larges..."
Alice Thomas
Vp Digital, Crm, Contact Center Application Services
"The goal was to make work much easier and more efficient, giving us fewer administrative tasks to per..."
Johan Ter Schegget
Digital Solutions Advisor
"We are definitely excited and looking forward to working with Kony to make use of more of the tools t..."
Joya Newman
Interactive E-Solutions Manager
"We didn’t need to have two native teams, one for iOS and one for Android. We simply could have one te..."
Nick Mikulicz
Business Solutions Developer
"In today’s digital world, everything is moving so fast, and everybody is trying to grab the consumer..."
Barbara Bowker
Vice President of Marketing and Membership Development
"KMC Connect Lite is just the beginning of a series of mobile apps we plan to develop, and we see Kony..."
Richard Newberry
Chief Executive Officer
"With Kony Visualizer we could bring our team together and storyboard what we wanted the app to do so..."
Dave Bohlmann
VP of Technology
"Many times in the credit union movement we pick somebody who is close, who is familiar, an incumbent...."
John Janclaes
President and CEO
"It’s helpful when we can use apps that allow us to instantly direct our people without having to prov..."
Dorothée Meijer
Head Of The Enforcement Agency
"Working with Kony has been a tremendous experience for us. The things that Kony is doing fits precise..."
Gregory Smith
President and CEO
"Using technology as a game changer and passion to push the envelope with digitization, CIMB Niaga evo..."
Rita Mas'Oen
Operations and Information Technology Director
"To receive recognition from the CIO 100 Awards makes us extremely proud and encourages us to continue..."
Bernardo Mariano
Chief Information Officer
"We were looking for a turnkey technical solution that could be deployed quickly and enable us to scal..."
Crispin Clarke
Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer
"With Kony AppVantage, we didn’t have to worry about the technical development of our mobile app and i..."
Shannon Griffin
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
"The ability to not have to worry about the next great innovation in mobile devices and be comfortable..."
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