"The success we’ve had with this software is a testament to the quality, power and flexibility of Izen..."
Edwill Holcomb
Operations Analyst
"Izenda’s business intelligence solution is a strategic complement to our eHCM Suite...."
David Fiacco
President and COO
"There are few web-based reporting tools that are as simple yet powerful as Izenda. It’s easy to desig..."
Sean Pomeroy
"Our software comes with 40 canned reports, but customers wanted to create and run custom reports beyo..."
Brian Eskra
President and CEO
"This gives us what our users need in an effective and timely manner. It’s now easy to drill-down and..."
Christian Cooper
Chief Technology Officer
"It saved us months of development time had we tried to build the functionality in-house...."
John D’Angio
Corporate Tax Department
"We have been very pleased on how this product has been received by our internal team. We have our acc..."
Sid Shrivastav
Senior Software Engineer
"With Izenda embedded in our application, every user is in command of the reporting and analytics they..."
Darryl Praill
"Izenda provides us the ability to provide our customers an embedded reporting management experience t..."
Rick Stern
President & Owner
"Even when we need to build custom reports, we've shifted this work from our developers to our Product..."
Jono Lewis
Software Developer
"Izenda is our go-to platform for ad-hoc reporting and analytics...."
Rudolf Melik
Director of Technology
"All of the functionality we needed practically overnight! Izenda Reports allowed us to deploy reporti..."
Chris Coursey
"Thank you for the fastest support response I have ever had in my 12 years of systems development...."
Larry Flewwelling
Flewwelling Insurance Brokers Limited
"The success we’ve had with the incident tracking application is a testament to the quality, power and..."
Edwill Holcomb
Operations Analyst
"We needed to quickly consolidate multiple Microsoft Access databases scattered across 7 branch office..."
Michael A. Koscielski
DBA/Web Developer
"The Izenda licensing model makes the build vs. buy decision easy. Especially when considering the cos..."
Brad Banyas
CEO and Founder

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