"We've just rolled out Intervals to everyone at our small creative agency based in Hong Kong. Finding..."
Kara O'Brien
Operations Director
"The trends report. We look at billable hours versus non billable hours for the past week and the past..."
Adam Landrum
President & CEO
"We were looking for a system, that could give us an opportunity to manage the production process for..."
Sokolenko Boris
Commercial Director
"We are loving Intervals. Intervals is proving to be a life saver!..."
Erik Ford
Principal / Lead Creative
"Hey guys…LOVE the program…GREAT work! Weston Graphics is a full service Graphic design, printing and..."
Adam Weston
Weston Graphics
"I knew we had chosen the right tool when *two* of our team members said that it was ‘almost fun to do..."
Emily Kim
Managing Partner
"I’m happy with Intervals, more than you can imagine! Task and time management in an intelligent match..."
Rotger Wesener
Wesener Integrated
"After months of searching and many other project management software nightmares, we found Intervals...."
Benjamin Hughes
Y B R Design
"I just spent 60 minutes demoing Intervals to my clients because Intervals has worked so well for us t..."
Eric Garrison
"Intervals meets our tech/development company needs wonderfully. I just wanted to tell you we love Int..."
Cynthia DeStefano
WTE Solutions
"As a software company owner I am very impressed with your "Suggest a New Feature" module and with you..."
Harriet Stewart
Managing Partner
"Let me just say that I feel like a kid on Christmas morning with this app. How I’ve missed this is in..."
Tyler Jones
System Trends
"Great new range of features announced, making Intervals the best project management software out ther..."
Helen Trendell
White Label SEO
"The biggest challenge for us is tracking maintenance hours. This may seem small, but maintenance repr..."
David Graham
sonik newmedia
"I have no clue how we could handle this many projects without Intervals!..."
Patty Firster
Stream Companies
"We are HUGE Intervals fans and love the new email directly to a task feature!..."
Tony Kozlowski
T Productions, Inc.

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