"At the end of the day, the core platform of Basecamp™ did not focus on time, work flow and reporting,..."
Joe Cincotta
"I just wanted to say that Intervals is a true life saver. I have tried so many project management too..."
Trena Stubbs
Business Solutions Specialist
"The trends report. We look at billable hours versus non billable hours for the past week and the past..."
Adam Landrum
President & CEO
"We are loving Intervals. Intervals is proving to be a life saver!..."
Erik Ford
Principal / Lead Creative
"Last year after reviewing twenty time tracking and case-based tools we decided to use Intervals. Almo..."
Leo G. Roque Fariñas
"I knew we had chosen the right tool when *two* of our team members said that it was ‘almost fun to do..."
Emily Kim
Managing Partner
"Intervals is EXACTLY what I have been looking for. I looked at project management services for MONTHS..."
Sandra Warren
Magnolia Web Group
"Intervals allows me to keep track of the different people I'm working with and what's on their plates..."
Trent Lewis
First Baptist Church of Lakewood
"Red Earth is a web development company and I was intrigued by a system written by web developers for..."
Red Earth Design, Inc.
"We’ve been using Intervals for quite some time now and absolutely love it. We are software developers..."
Paul Smithson
Founder and CEO
"You and the team have done a great job. Your software has made a real difference to our efficiency. I..."
"I wanted to let you know Intervals is incredible, and I’ve used Basecamp™, Cashboard™, Harvest™, Blin..."
Steve Putala
Land Ship Design
"We’ve been constantly impressed with not only existing functionality and ease of use, but also the co..."
Katelyn Taylor
Mezzanine Consulting
"We are HUGE Intervals fans and love the new email directly to a task feature!..."
Tony Kozlowski
T Productions, Inc.
"We love Intervals. I have been a part of this team for a long time and remember how it was before we..."
Jacie Rivas
Solution Consultant
"I need to bill clients, but when I'm doing administrative work, I'm not making money. I need to spend..."
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