"Integrify provides an auditable tracking system which provides the end user a status update on each s..."
Larry Steward
Manager of IT Business Support
"Before Integrify, a typical peer review process for one new piece of content could take 6-9 months. N..."
Tara Wheeler
Director, Learning Products
"We operate a global business and it was challenging for me to review and approve CapEx requests in di..."
Ken Richardson
Vice President of Engineering
"Just doing the approvals electronically, as opposed to moving paper in and out and doing pouch servic..."
Jeep Jensen
Chief Operating Officer
"We were running on a 15-day (invoice) approval cycle. Now the invoice approval time is under a day. T..."
Marty Herbert
Business Analysis Manager
"Quite honestly, we couldn’t live without Integrify...."
Tom Martin
Business Relationship Manager
"Integrify offered the most intuitive design tool amongst all the workflow products we reviewed, as we..."
Michael Tinsley
President and CEO
"We chose Integrify OnDemand because of its flexibility; unlike similar solutions out there, we weren..."
Kevin O’Hara
Vice President
"The cost and the simplicity of Integrify were the two big reasons for choosing the solution...."
Elizabeth Petrie
Capital Planning Controller
"We expected to see improved service levels, which we have...."
John Tzanopoulos
Manager of IT Operations
"What really drove me towards Integrify was the engine behind the top layer...."
Jeff Fabry
Chief Information Officer
"Users in Budget, HR and Payroll offices can access the data from Integrify along with their departmen..."
Pete Able
Manager of Human Resources and Financial Systems
"The stability and reliability of our technology had been in question. Integrify has given us the abil..."
Cathi Chinn
Technology and Program Management Director
"We chose Integrify because it was the solution that best met two biggest requirements; moving our pap..."
"Close to 2000 requests are being processed monthly right now, but that is expected to grow dramatical..."
First City Monument Bank
"Integrify has simplified the hiring process as well as made it completely traceable...."
John Evans
Senior Vice President and Director of Information Technology

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