"We've seen a significant decrease in labor costs within first few months after installing HotSchedule..."
Abelardo “Abe” Ruiz
Chief Operating Officer (COO), Famous Dave’s
"The trick to improving the guest experience actually comes from efficient communication between depar..."
Kara Childs
Regional Operations Manager
"Just by turning on the controlled clock-ins/outs, HotSchedules will pay for itself in the first week...."
David Pencsak
Operating Partner
"HotSchedules streamlined the scheduling process for us. Allowing employees to trade shifts online sav..."
Kim Ringo Bright
Spring Valley Tavern
"We currently use HotSchedules for 3 very different businesses, an entertainment center with 100+ empl..."
Frank Jameson
"The HotSchedules supportteam is always incredibly helpful. Anytime I call, they respond. I really can..."
Jim Hofer
Training and Service Excellence
"Not only will it be great knowing all the proper paperwork is in place, the ability to onboard an emp..."
Brad Bailey
Director of Operations
"We've saved time on our schedules, increased the ease of communication with the staff and definitely..."
Jody Gardiner
Bambinelli’s Pizza and Pasta
"Conservatively, we save a percent to a percent-and-a-half in labor costs thanks to HotSchedules. It s..."
John Stevenson
Director of Training
"Thanks to the testing and reporting capabilities in HotSchedules Train, we've seen a huge improvement..."
Kevin Stevens
Director of Training
"A spreadsheet cell can’t alert you if you put someone on your staff into overtime. With HotSchedules,..."
Lauren Dorn
Banquet Coordinator, Hasta la Pasta
"There are many things that get people to stick around, and HotSchedules is just one more thing that t..."
Michael Kuras
"HotSchedules is so much more than just a scheduling tool—it’s an overall labor management solution, w..."
Riley Hutton
General Manager
"The manual work we used to have to do is completely alleviated by HotSchedules...."
Wesley Conger
General Manager, The Signature Room Chicago
"We’re all very excited to have it. All in all, we feel that all the products working together benefit..."
Patrick McBride
Director of Development
"Before we discovered HotSchedules Inventory, we were using a combination of iPads, pencils and spread..."
Titus Striplin
Director of Hospitality Operations

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