"Gather is just clean, fluid and logic based you guys have been great to work with and all the update..."
Topher Cunningham
Events Manager
"Gather is a comprehensive solution that has provided us valuable tools for managing the entire event..."
Demi Meeker
Senior Event Manager
"One thing I enjoyed about Gather is how it’s helped me increase my relationship with other Gather use..."
Hilary Reyes
Director of First Impressions and In-House Event Coordinator
"I’ve worked with a lot of different softwares, so I wanted to use Gather to its full potential redesi..."
Stacy Rudin
Sales and Events Director
"A lot of other programs have more of a corporate feel or more of a hotel catering element. For me, Ga..."
Rachel Miller Munzer
"When I started using Gather, it just made sense. It allows me to rent rooms, create proposals and con..."
Chelsy Kokenge
Private Events Manager
"This time last year, our private dining program was smaller and less flexible. Since starting with Ga..."
Amy Harrison
Sales and Marketing Manager
"We were the 6th client to join Gather. From a technology standpoint, it’s much simpler, easier and ha..."
Valerie Failla Mosley
PR & Sales Director
"Through Gather, sales managers are able to send contracts, menus, and BEOs within minutes. All change..."
Christina Teran
Director of Sales and Marketing
"With Gather, we’ve been able to add more value to our behind-the-scenes systems, allowing us to alloc..."
Christianna Reinstein
Event Coordinator
"We were fielding different software options, mainly to have more accessibility when it came to privat..."
Katy Maier
Event Coordinator
"Now that we have Gather and realize how amazing it could all be there isn’t much comparison. It was a..."
Robin Means Skinner
Director of Business Development
"I’ve worked with Gather for almost 4 years at two different concepts. Our clients can do everything o..."
Shannon Silva
National Sales Director
"Gather makes events so much easier. Anybody can pick it up. And I love the fact that all the staff kn..."
Shireen Herrington
Sales Director
"Gather's a great tool for communication, both internally and for guests. Clients can view event detai..."
Jin Park
Director of Events
"Gather's event software is crucial for us in that 80% of our correspondence lands in the same place...."
Debbie Tennick
General Manager

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