"FireEye keeps us ahead of the onslaught of continually escalating Web-based threats. I trust FireEye..."
Fred Archibald
Computing Infrastructure Manager, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
"When it comes to detecting and preventing advanced attacks, the power of FireEye’s MVX technology has..."
Wahid Hammami
IT General Manager and Chief Information Officer
"Security and data integrity are mission-critical imperatives for Finansbank; having FireEye in our in..."
Mert Sarica
Senior Penetration Tester
"The FireEye appliance caught numerous events which could have been detrimental to our business. The a..."
D-Wave Systems Inc
IT Security Manager
"Best practice is no longer good enough when it comes to cybersecurity. The world has changed dramatic..."
Bank of Thailand
Senior Director, Information Technology Department
"FireEye is keeping us out of the news, and this is a really good thing!..."
Jeremy Taylor
Network Manager
"The sole reason for Police Bank to exist is to look after our Police Members and their extended famil..."
Paul Klauzner
Chief Information Officer
"Knowing that we have FaaS handling the really sophisticated attacks gives me the time to focus on oth..."
Peyman Gohari
Head of Security
"Because we have such confidence in knowing that FireEye ETP provides us the protection we are looking..."
Shaun Guthrie
Director of Information Technology
"IT is a strategic enabler that drives our ability to effectively educate our students. Utilizing Fire..."
James D. Perry II
Chief Information Security Officer
"With the introduction of FireEye Endpoint Security we’ve reduced our average resolution time by 75%!..."
Tom Webb
Director of the Information Security Operations Team
"My goal is always to facilitate convenient access to information and resources but simultaneously pro..."
Ken Compres
Senior Network Security and Integration Engineer
"The Mandiant team showed us evidence that the attackers had established a presence in the Microsoft W..."
Spokesperson for Financial Services Provider
"I definitely feel that we’re getting extreme value for the money. The FireEye solution is filling a h..."
S&P 500 Company
Chief Security Officer
"We understand the changing dynamics of the threat landscape and have confidence in FireEye to ensure..."
Top Global Retailer
VP of Information Security
"A close examination of a company’s exposure to cyber risk during the merger, acquisition or investmen..."
Brian Finch
Partner and Global Security Practice Co-Chair

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