"Marketing speaks the language of leads, and Sales speaks the language of opportunities. It wasn’t unt..."
Patrick Schneidau
Chief Marketing Officer
"B2B organizations are rapidly shifting from horizontal demand generation and sales efforts to a hyper..."
Craig Rosenberg
Chief Analyst
"Engagio Playmaker has provided the scalability on one-to-one communication that did not exist before...."
Hussam AlMukhtar
Marketing Operations Manager
"Engagio takes the guesswork out. Our ops team doesn’t have to spend time pulling reports all day and..."
Ann Leach
Director of Field and Customer Marketing
"Tracking individual responses wasn’t an effective way for our reps to use their time and figure out w..."
John Westby
VP of Marketing
"What I've learned about Engagio is that it's not just good for your marketers, but it’s really transf..."
Morgan Norman
Chief Marketing Officer
"I would recommend Engagio to any company trying to get into the ABM market and build a strategy aroun..."
Jessica Day
Senior Manager, Marketing Operations
"Engagio is a core component of our company's revenue stack. We are now able to measure, manage and sc..."
Kirk Crenshaw
Chief Marketing Officer
"We’re moving up market at BigPanda. Engagio is core to our new strategy of landing higher value accou..."
Joe Schwartz
VP of Marketing
"Engagio is central to Zignal's ABM strategy. By incorporating holistic analytics and marketing orches..."
Randy Brasche
VP of Marketing
"Engagio is crucial to show the success of our team's activities, allowing us to clearly track marketi..."
Jana Grube
Senior Demand Generation Manager
"Engagio has been different because it enables collaboration across revenue teams. Everybody throws ar..."
Rebecah Wiegardt
Head of Account Based Marketing
"Engagio has drastically increased the capabilities of our marketing organization. It's a must-have fo..."
Cameron Lewis
Marketing Operations Manager
"One conversation with Engagio and the light bulb went on. It offers all the features we needed to ser..."
Izabella Bray
Demand Generation Team
"Engagio is the best of breed for analytics and accounts insights...."
Prachi Gore
VP of Marketing
"This is the difference between winning or not winning deals. In the enterprise space, as a newer entr..."
Evan Fehler
Director of Digital Marketing

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