"Every time the build process causes a development delay we lose the opportunity to make progress on o..."
Jon Burt
Senior Manager of SCM
"Since we’ve been using ElectricAccelerator, our build times have been reduced by more than 75%, and i..."
Trish Collins
Release Engineer
"Android build times were reduced by 50%. The Gerrit review cycle time by 96% and Android validation c..."
Dinu Radian
Senior Software Program Manager
"Since using Electric Cloud’s solution, every month has yielded a record low number of breaks. Because..."
Sam Johnson
Lead Technical QA
"ElectricFlow has allowed us to standardize our builds and deployments. This drastically reduced confi..."
Marc Priolo
Software Configuration Manager
"ElectricAccelerator combined with the elasticity of CloudOne’s infrastructure enabled our large, glob..."
John Penoyer
Engineering Group Manager
"We’ve already saved more than 1,550 hours on build times..."
Scott Dunnington
Lead Software Engineer
"Electric Cloud helps us transform the way we deliver software: better and faster...."
Dinu Radian
Software Engineering Manager
"ElectricFlow is highly flexible, allowing us to adapt it any way we need it. We don’t need to mold ou..."
Axel Naumann
"In the past we released products in one to three months; now we can go from commit to production ever..."
Bob Hartley
Development Manager
"Even if we assume that each engineer only does one build per week, the money saved in lost productivi..."
Glenn Salaman
Director of Software Development
"We looked at building our own solution, but, by one estimate, it would have taken us as long as two y..."
Bill White
Director of Build, QA & Performance
"ElectricFlow is very robust. The ability to have large resource pools managed by EC allows us to have..."
Computer Software Company
Computer Software Company
"With ElectricFlow, scaling from five build machines to thirty could not have been easier, and has all..."
Leading Gaming Company
Software Engineer
"Efficient management of time and resources is especially important in the fiercely competitive financ..."
Leading Financial Institution
Leading Financial Institution
"In this business, slow execution can mean missing an entire product cycle, which can cost the company..."
Arun Viswanathan
VP of Software Engineering

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