"The web-based EcoWebDesk software now provides us with a central database for all of our documents an..."
Bernd Lommel
IT Manager and Data Protection Officer
"The quick visualization of indicators saves us a lot of time. Moreover, EcoWebDesk facilitates the de..."
Thomas Wenning
Energy Manager
"EcoWebDesk enables us, as a global enterprise, to standardize environmentally relevant processes and..."
Andreas Mayer
Head of Environment and Sustainability Management
"We have created a solid foundation for our reporting of all ecological aspects of sustainability by i..."
Markus Schönberger
Team Leader Sustainability Controlling
"At a glance, you can see which manager is part of what process and which documents are involved. This..."
Armin Müßig
Environmental Manager
"The increasing demands on companies require a complete, seamless and legally-sound documentation syst..."
Nicolas Tauchnitz
Compliance Management
"Implementing EcoWebDesk is of utmost strategic and operational importance to us. The system makes it..."
Axel Göhrt
Manager Production and Technology
"I think all companies aim to improve from one year to the next. EcoWebDesk supports that ambition by..."
Peter Glomb
Compliance Manager
"The real value of this software is that the modules are linked to each other. When I create a new dat..."
Gabriele Schwarz
Quality Manager
"We have found a viable solution for our hazardous materials management, which perfectly supports both..."
Claudia Waitz
IT / Process Management & Facility Management
"We no longer have to process the same data two or three times. Instead, we can focus on refining our..."
Thomas de Boer
Occupational Safety & Environment
"With EcoWebDesk we have a centralized and solid tool, where all data is clearly and simply structured..."
Maik Grosse-Beck
Health & Safety Officer and Environmental Auditor
"In the past three years we have used the software to record more than 2,000 waste processes – today w..."
Stephan Graf
Environmental Officer
"With the software we can easily trace the total amount of waste to each site unit and instantly see t..."
Wolfgang Hoferer
Hazardous Goods & Waste Officer, Health & Safety Officer
"EcoWebDesk made it easy to directly involve external reviewers. After receiving access rights, they c..."
Stefan Stengel
HSE Expert

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