"I have worked with both ‘manually’ managed construction services, as well as competing project manage..."
"I can’t imagine our life without EADOC. Our projects would be behind schedule…they would be over budg..."
"EADOC surpassed its competitors because of the care taken in the creation of the software, Most Web b..."
"Utilizing the AIA G702 in EADOC for our monthly billings has greatly simplified the process. We are a..."
"I use your product on my projects and it is a wonderful addition to the industry. I have been in cons..."
"I have to say that overall, EADOC has performed fabulously and I don’t know how we could manage this..."
"EADOC was chosen as our preferred vendor because it manages all of the capabilities required by our c..."
"We are eager to expand our customers’ access to and use of digital documents. EADOC provides our cust..."
"We want to use this on all of our future projects, so much so that we’ll pay for it if the owner does..."
"Once you get familiar with EADOC it is much easier to utilize then it’s competitors; it can get the j..."
"For an RFI or a DCM, at each level there’s a way of tracking a question and a response, and at each l..."
"EADOC has met and exceeded our expectations, and we will continue to promote the use of EADOC on futu..."
"EADOC is a great check and balance...."
"EADOC is the paperless solution that has been talked about for decades...."
"EADOC listened to our suggestions and within a few days the software was modified to meet those needs..."
"With EADOC, we could link RFIs easily, which was extremely valuable. Thanks to EADOC, inspections on..."

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