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Contact current users to see how they are using Dun & Bradstreet to benefit their business.

Contact current Dun & Bradstreet users to see how they are using Dun & Bradstreet to benefit their business.

Patrick Booher

Director, Customer Data Management Autodesk

Michael van der Steen

SBU Credit Manager, AkzoNobel

Mike Callens

VP Sourcing

Laurence Goldberg

National Director of Receivables Management, BDO

Wilma Arends

Credit Risk Manager at Belden EMEA

Lindsey Wohrer

Director of Marketing Communications, CMIT Solutions

Thierry Maquet

Credit Rating & Training Officer, BAT

Brad Freeman

Manager of Business Processes and Operations, Complete Innovations

Andrea Jagla

Senior Manager, Sales Operations

Brennan Turner

President, FarmLead

Betsy Nothom

Credit Manager, Hartfiel Automation

Greg McLaughlin

CRM Director, Neopost North America

Loutissa Perry

Director, Accounts Receivable

John Tartaro

CFO, Neopost USA’s Deputy

Krishna Shah

Senior Director of Enterprise Information Management

Karel Van Tendeloo,

Corporate Finance Officer & Central Credit Coordinator, Recticel

Rick Dijkers

Credit Manager, SITA Netherlands

Lesa Francis

President & CEO

Laurens Liezenberg

Business Development Manger, TNT

Phillip A. Pesek

Anti-Corruption Compliance Counsel, Teck

Roy Kuipers

EMEA Credit Manager, Tyco

Dirk Braet

Group Credit Manager at USG People

Aaron Reid

Sustainable Supply Chain Manager, Balfour Beatty UK

Jason Housinger

Director of Credit, CDW Corporation

Beverley Dipper

Head of Market Intelligence, Fujitsu

Imelda Darin

U.S. Credit Manager, Houghton

Huub Jonkers

Business Development Manager, IGO-POST

Kathleen Victoria

Manager – Credit & Collections, Kyocera

Steve Rakoczy

CIO, Neopost’s North America

Alice Stephenson

Director of Channel Sales Online Solutions
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