"Prior to Drift Email, handling replies was a manual process for our team and we couldn’t effectively..."
Jessica Davis
Senior Marketing Operations Manager
"We saw some pretty great engagement with our standard playbooks, but an even bigger lift in engagemen..."
Mike Merchant
Director of Sales and Global Development
"We’re only just scratching the surface of what we can do...."
Jake Diserio
Global Marketing Project Manager
"Our previous system did not have the precise targeting and automated chat capabilities of Drift. It a..."
Alex Fisher
Senior Digital Marketing Manager
"We feel like we’ve only scratched the surface of what Drift can do for us...."
Jeanne Hopkins
Chief Marketing Officer
"Looking at how marketing spent its money so far, I can see that Drift outperformed some of our more t..."
Matthew Wainwright
Director of Marketing Operations
"We love how Drift has streamlined our lead creation process. We’re talking to potential customers ear..."
Ben Nettesheim
Senior Director of Digital Marketing
"Our CFO is usually pretty tough, but he took a look at the numbers and was just like: All right, this..."
Josh Golden
Digital Marketing Manager
"Drift enables us to connect with people as it’s most relevant. They are on our website, they are aski..."
Terrance Kwok
Sales Development
"The goal is to inform people. To build trust you need to transparently inform about everything you do..."
Radek Zaleski
Head of Growth
"The cannibalization was minimal. We actually saw a 72% increase in request a demo leads. To go deeper..."
Steve Gottschalk
Director of Digital Marketing
"Email Bots have helped us automate engagement with our leads. We have sent approximately 4,200 emails..."
Jessi White
Manager of Marketing Ops
"We recently started using Drift on our website. I used Calendly for clients to book times on my calen..."
Austin Smith
Business Development Manager
"Conversational marketing as an idea was something I felt passionate about bringing to the Lessonly te..."
Ben Battaglia
Director of Marketing
"Just a year after choosing Drift, the Marketo team has seen their pipeline continue to grow with lead..."
Michael Madden
Head of Demand Generation
"The live demo scheduler is fully automated and the lead never has to leave the website. They put in t..."
Kevin Fontenot
Director of Marketing

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