"When our team has conversations, they are able to have more context around because the Driftbot has p..."
Tom Wentworth
Chief Marketing Officer
"For many prospective customers, Drift is the first interaction they have with the Leadpages team, and..."
Clay Collins
CEO, LeadPages
"While I’d love to have sales dev or inside sales reps “man” live chat, it’s not feasible for us. We’r..."
Leo Strupczewski
Director of Marketing
"I have tried live chat for the past five years and have failed four consecutive years at getting my s..."
Guillaume Cabane
Vice President Marketing
"These days, people hate the idea of picking up the phone to take a call with a salesperson. They want..."
Neil Parker
VP of Marketing
"The switch was remarkably easy. The hardest part was psychological – we had grown very comfortable us..."
Shane Metcalf
V.P. of Customer Success
"Drift enables us to connect with people as it’s most relevant. They are on our website, they are aski..."
Terrance Kwok
Sales Development
"Businesses spend so much time and effort driving people to their websites, but once they get them the..."
Mike Volpe
Former CMO
"Drift enables sales and marketing teams to work together to convert traffic that is already on their..."
Andrew Racine
Director of Demand Generation
"We can chat with people quickly rather than playing phone tag. We usually book a demo within 10-15 mi..."
Lauren Quilty
Sales Team Lead
"Drift provides a better experience for people to learn about how we can help their business and, at t..."
Scott Noll
VP of Sales
"The live demo scheduler is fully automated and the lead never has to leave the website. They put in t..."
Kevin Fontenot
Director of Marketing

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