"Content has 2 clients; external audience needs & the internal audience objectives...."
Carlos Abler
Leader – Content Marketing & Strategy
"DivvyHQ improves UEFA's ability to collaborate and communicate with our editorial agencies across the..."
Andy James
Editorial Specialist
"The tipping point was when we published an article about ‘must-see’ museums in San Francisco, only to..."
Dan Rosenbaum
San Francisco Senior Manager of Content and Social Media Marketing
"Content is a slippery eel and stories shift, get killed or move up, and without some tool to manage i..."
Ricky Ribeiro
VP of Creative
"The best content plans embrace the creative tension of diverse perspectives...."
Maggie Schneider Huston
Senior Content Manager
"Marketers can improve content planning by not planning each piece of content...."
Michael Brenner
"From a search of many providers we chose DivvyHQ because of its value and ability to quickly function..."
Michael MacLennan
Digital Editorial Manager
"Definitely worth checking out if you manage a lot of content and multiple team members. I think it fi..."
Ann Handley
Chief Content Officer
"We made an effort to engage our local audience & turn them into ambassadors...."
Janette Maack
Digital Marketing Manager
"DivvyHQ has been instrumental in my content planning efforts. The versatility of the tool accommodate..."
Kasey Skala
Digital Media & Brand Integration
"The most important thing I track is the waterfall of leads (first click to revenue)...."
Chris Moody
Content Marketing Leader
"The biggest benefit of DivvyHQ for us is it’s ability to sew together so many different communication..."
Kimberley Brien
Marketing Project Manager for Strategy & Development
"We began searching for a content marketing solution because we recognized that sometimes there are lo..."
Steven Klinkmüller
Online Marketing Manager

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