"Plain and simple, we've outgrown using several methods on multi systems for managing our contracts. W..."
Anthony Kurban
Chief Information Officer
"One of reasons we selected Determine was because they were so flexible. Dealing with the complexities..."
Lisa Lindstedt
Core Project Team
"By December 2012, Procurement ended up paying for ourselves 70 times...."
Cherlyn Decker
Procurement & Strategic Sourcing Director
"Determine has been very easy to work with and very energetic. The customer focus they bring and the f..."
Jim Adkins
Vice President
"Procurement can serve as the catalyst for positive change when the focus is centered on shareholder v..."
Mike Williams
Senior Director, Strategic Sourcing
"Determine covers the entire scope of our operational needs...."
Jean Pervenche
IT Manager
"The b-pack [now Determine] team was very responsive and was able to understand our needs allowing a r..."
Gilles Grenier
Head of IT Procurement
"Our role in Purchasing Services is to help bring as much bidding opportunity to our qualified local a..."
Vira Homick
C.P.M. Director of eBusiness
"I’ve used a number of well-known sourcing platforms in the industry prior to joining Penn. Iasta Smar..."
Brent A. Friedman
Strategic Sourcing Manager, IT Commodity
"One of the main benefits of Determine Procurement is its ecommerce-like ease of use. Determine allows..."
Aurélien Larrat
Purchasing Performance Project Manager
"Iasta [now Determine] provides great value with its sourcing features and global support services. Th..."
Dairy Queen
"We purchased Determine CLM not because it has a demonstrable ROI—although it certainly does—but rathe..."
Leading Memiconductor Manufacturing Company
"As an administrator, Determine gives you greater control than any other provider...."
Cécile Taraud
Purchasing Manager
"With Determine CLM, ManTech is able to keep close track of all contractual relationships, starting wi..."
ManTech International Corporation
"After a thorough review, we found that Iasta [now Determine] offered Nordstrom the best solution set,..."
"Some of the key features important to us included the Clause Library and the workflow tools. We look..."
Dan O'Connor
Corporate Counsel

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