"When looking for a social customer service solution,I spoke to a lot of people for recommendations an..."
"As a company, we always strive to deliver the new and unexpected to our customers. With Conversocial..."
"Conversocial was the clear choice for us above the competition, because it is the only solution that..."
"Although our teams are operating 24x7 and responding to thousands of posts each day, our goal is to t..."
"This is a never-ending process in a way, endless fluctuation in flow in an operational industry with..."
"Despite the incredibly high volumes of customer comments and questions we receive across our social m..."
"We exceed our customers’ expectations with quick responses and resolution for all their banking enqui..."
"It's great to have such a strong partner as we continue to develop our social customer service maturi..."
"Conversocial has enabled us to integrate social into the overall customer journey. Being able to resp..."
"Conversocial’s intelligence, automation and workflow truly enables us to exceed our service benchmark..."
"When looking for a platform partner, we wanted someone who matched our brand values and truly address..."
"Conversocial had a clear, deliverable vision for improving our digital care success including a CRM i..."
"Through Conversocial, we have been able to invest in Messenger as one of our main customer service ch..."
"Conversocial’s platform has allowed us to take our customer service a step further and appeal to our..."
"Conversocial has been a very valuable partner, providing us with the tools and support we need to suc..."
"We switched to Conversocial because we wanted to be working with an agile, market-leading company tha..."

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