"An important benefit was ClickSoftware’s versatility in handling demand, from short-cycle meter readi..."
David Cooke
Director of Water Services
"ClickSoftware enables us to additionally increase the efficiency of our client's Customer Service Man..."
Mr. Schirrmann
Vice President
"Our field service technicians play an instrumental role in engaging customers. As such we pay careful..."
Rudy Rooman
Field Service Manager
"The upgrade process gave us the perfect reason to reconsider our processes and clean up the data in o..."
Leen De Wit
Tactical Planner
"In addition to increasing the number of maintenance visits we complete each day, ClickSchedule helped..."
Yvan Lefebvre
Director of Information Technology
"We have been able to improve our daily scheduling efficiency and resource utilization by over 25%...."
Dave Williamson
"ClickSoftware aided the transition of our field-service model from functional teams to geographic tea..."
Alan Peacock
Area Manager
"When a request for additional location information comes in, we are able to take the integrated GPS d..."
Tracy Vines
Fleet Specialist
"I have the information at my fingertips. That’s the number-one reason I like StreetSmart...."
Vince Pizzoferrato
Traffic Manager
"We can run various StreetSmart reports and review that data. For example, we know that John had 15 st..."
Tony Guilfoyle
Vice President of National Sales
"Since implementing StreetSmart Workforce, we have discovered that if employees eat lunch while on loc..."
Mike Lumadue
Deputy Highway Superintendent
"In our view, ClickSchedule is the best scheduling solution that is currently available on the market...."
Herbert Heitzinger
Head of WFM Development
"We wanted a fully integrated solution that would give the field service team - dispatchers and engine..."
Manuel Rosa da Silva
Executive Board Member
"I do know we already have saved a significant amount of money – a lot more than StreetSmart is costin..."
Kenneth Nance
Assistant Director of Transportation
"The solution allows us at Netstar to think ahead complexly but keep it simple and practical for field..."
Ralph Jean Josling
General Manager : Technical Services
"ClickSoftware is of strategic importance to our business, it is viewed at executive level as providin..."
Bryan Ward
Director of Planning and Logistics

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