"As a result of the more detailed customer experience information provided through Clarabridge, [our]..."
Hal Bloom
VP Marketing Research
"We intuitively knew that treating people well would help the business, but we had no idea exactly how..."
Jane Howard
Chief People Officer
"It’s such an intelligent tool with so many tips and tricks, and yet made so easy for a business analy..."
Kim Zieroth
GE Healthcare
"My favorite thing about Clarabridge is the sentiment analytics. It shows the emotion and tells the st..."
Amy Tinley
Chief Experience Program Leader
"Clarabridge has helped us make quite a few improvements so far, everything from improving wait times..."
Michelle Brennan
Seminole Gaming
"We’ve looked at a lot of different text analytics tools, a lot of customer experience management tool..."
Paul Long
VP Enterprise Customer Experience Strategy
"If you want an in-depth view of what your customers really think about your brand, what the real prob..."
Marina MacDonald
SVP Sales & Marketing
"QoQa isn’t just an ordinary eCommerce brand. We have a totally different vision of how we do business..."
Mathieu Pereira
Digital Marketing Manager
"If I was hit by a bus today, probably the best thing I could ever have left for our company is Clarab..."
Justin MacDonald
Manager of Customer Experience
"We are now able to quantify customer-driven business questions that, up until now, were simply anecdo..."
US Based Insurance Company
Customer Insights and Measurement Manager

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