"Our accountants are able to update the figures right up to 10 minutes before the meeting, which ensur..."
Jim Fennell
Information Systems Manager
"It is very easy to use and all our documents are quickly accessible; we can use the app to access our..."
Elvin van den Hoek
"We launched the BoardPacks tablet app to our leadership team and board recently and, although early d..."
Joanna Fairley
Governance and Compliance Manager
"BoardPacks has saved us a lot of time, time that can be spent on other areas. We can now keep all of..."
Emma Nolan
Office Manager
"The support and sales teams are great. They are friendly, professional, and knowledgeable on the syst..."
Mellissa Pearson
Administration Manager
"I would highly recommend...."
Maggie Wood
Former Clerk to the Governors
"The intention is that advisors will be publishing information directly to the site, with automated no..."
Richard Norton
Secretary to the Pensions Scheme Trustees
"BoardPacks is a very slick and effective system, but it was perhaps slightly out of our financial rea..."
David Round
Clerk to the Corporation, Company Secretary and Academic Registrar
"Implementing BoardPacks has resulted in improved efficiency for the EValue Board; reduced costs in pr..."
Stephen Campbell
Finance Director
"A major benefit of using BoardPacks is the assurance that directors are all reviewing the same meetin..."
Frances Klejnow
Executive Assistant to the Trustee Board
"The BoardPacks app is easy to use, it is easy to download papers and is useful to have access to past..."
Karen Parry
Head of Policy and Compliance
"Decisions is excellent for obtaining inter-meeting decisions, particularly where these need to be tak..."
Colin Berrisford
Policy Administrator
"BoardPacks has made meeting preparation more efficient and the fact that we can prepare a complete an..."
Tracey McCandless
Regional Compliance Officer
"We find the knowledge area useful as a library to store documents such as background papers for meeti..."
Thirteen Group
"The solution has been universally welcomed and one of the biggest benefits is that we’re able to be m..."
Barbara Sweeney
Clerk to the Corporation
"BoardPacks has delivered what we required and it has been refreshingly pain free to achieve. We can a..."
Peter Drew
Pensions Manager

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