"We launched the BoardPacks tablet app to our leadership team and board recently and, although early d..."
Joanna Fairley
Governance and Compliance Manager
"It is very easy to use and all our documents are quickly accessible; we can use the app to access our..."
Elvin van den Hoek
"Collaboration between board members is fluid and we are no longer relying on lengthy email trails and..."
Arline Coetzee
Manager, Corporate Performance and Strategic Planning
"We needed a solution that could be used with flexibility on a global scale. Due to the international..."
Alexander Buckle
IT Project Coordinator
"Another benefit of BoardPacks is the ability to tackle so many governance issues. Whilst our immediat..."
Barbara Suggitt
Company Secretary
"Our accountants are able to update the figures right up to 10 minutes before the meeting, which ensur..."
Jim Fennell
Information Systems Manager
"BoardPacks enables us to fully meet our digital and paperless aims. By making use of the easy iPad ap..."
Jolanda Verwoert
Functional Application Manager
"We hold a lot of meetings which create a lot of paper and can take a lot of time preparing for, which..."
Bethany Elliott
Trustee Support Office
"If a meeting is not on BoardPacks, it’s not happening...."
Victoria Parsons
Corporate Secretary
"I would highly recommend...."
Maggie Wood
Clerk to the Governors
"Our senior team attend a lot of meetings, so one of the key benefits for us was the ability to move a..."
Ian Broadfoot
Executive Officer
"We felt we were ready for a change in terms of how we approached board meetings, Meetings were costin..."
Trudi Kent
Executive Support Manager
"The intention is that advisors will be publishing information directly to the site, with automated no..."
Richard Norton
Secretary to the Pensions Scheme Trustees
"Our Trustees are older people so has also helped to support digital confidence at a time when it is i..."
Jo Dare
"We realised that a digital board pack solution would be a key component in this, and decided to condu..."
Martin Jonasch
Head of Advisory & Structuring
"BoardPacks has delivered what we required and it has been refreshingly pain free to achieve. We can a..."
Peter Drew
Pensions Manager

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