"With Blue Jeans we can easily bring together actors, casting directors, ad agencies, and producers in..."
Ryan Malleus
Director of West Coast Operations
"With Blue Jeans you get a high quality video experience which makes it better than other desktop solu..."
Mark Zuberbuhler
Executive Producer, Digital Media
"It made us feel like one organization. It has done a lot for the communication between offices and is..."
Dave Lipsey
IT, Consultant, Global Witness
"Blue Jeans takes a lot of the stuff that’s hard about video conferencing and makes it easier. Joining..."
Jeff Holquist
Director of Technical Support
"We love the simplicity of the service – the ability to seamlessly utilize any device is a great featu..."
Jim Richardson
Global Infrastructure Manager
"With Blue Jeans, we quickly realised considerable savings in travel costs - more importantly, screeni..."
Andrew Kris
IT, Founding Partner, Borderless Executive Search
"The feeling of a Blue Jeans meeting is different. The quality of the calls is better and the quality..."
Itzik Menashe
Global IT Director
"Blue Jeans was great to work with. Their developers were very responsive during the API integration p..."
Dave Gardner
Chief Technology Officer
"BlueJeans works every time, the connections are reliable, sound and video quality are great and the u..."
Rich Mintz
Executive Vice President
"In February alone, we had over 30 Blue Jeans meetings with our members, project teams, working groups..."
Keir Novik
IT Manager
"We are pleased to enable our member institutions’ vital research by connecting researchers who are se..."
Dean Crawford
Director of Shared Systems and Technology
"BlueJeans’ ability to connect desktops and tablets with video conferencing equipment was very benefic..."
Roberto Carlos Morales
IT Manager
"It’s wonderful how responsive the support staff at BlueJeans has been to our unique needs. Their extr..."
Bruce Retterath
Telehealth Clinical Director
"Our workforce has become more mobile, more agile and more productive thanks to BlueJeans...."
Anthony Pearson-Vinn
Corporate Systems Manager
"In our industry, collaboration with all the team members on our projects is critical. Having BlueJean..."
Keefe Andrews
IT Manager
"The BlueJeans Room with Dolby Conference Phone gives us the opportunity to look at our programming in..."
Karla Redding-Andrews
Executive Director and Vice President

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