"(Implementing Blackboard LearnAngel Edition) has been a total win for the students and for ADP...."
Tim Dewey
Employer Services Sales Distance Learning Manager
"We’ve seen Blackboard pivot in the last few years – with a refocus on what makes a difference for stu..."
James Bradley
AVP, Information Technology and Academic Computing
"We recognized a need to communicate regularly with our highrisk students to keep them staying connect..."
Dean Carol Genese
Monroe College
"The area vital to me has been the schoolwires technical support. They are your shining stars. They ar..."
Jan Wee
Director, Information & Technology Services
"The combination of Blackboard Learn and McGraw-Hill Connect (and, coming soon, ALEKS) really does let..."
Shadrick Paris
Associate Professor
"The sun never sets on the Blackboard Managed Hosting team. We have peace of mind knowing that our cri..."
Phil O’Hara
Associate Director of Academic Services
"Blackboard has allowed us to provide our students with a quick and easy way to travel on and around c..."
University of Pittsburgh
"Panther Central proudly describes our Panther Card as a ‘passport around campus.’ With one swipe, our..."
Julie Bannister
Panther Central Manager
"We will continue to invest in our full service payment plan product to provide more comprehensive ser..."
Don Smith
Vice President and Payments Product Manager
"It has also helped students tremendously...."
Ron Defalco
HCC Treasurer
"By using Blackboard Connect, we not only lowered our labor costs but were able to reallocate those re..."
Shannon Sweeney
Water Resources Manager
"Nobody wants to switch a website. But I was dreading it for no reason whatsoever. There wasn’t really..."
April Johnson
Information Systems Manager
"With Blackboard Analytics, I can ask 15 questions in five minutes and get all the answers myself...."
Freeman Hrabowski
"A certain percentage will become discouraged and drop out. With Blackboard we can look course by cour..."
Clint Mcelroy
CPCC Dean of Retention Services
"I don’t make every kid march with me from point A to point B. I’ve created a way where a kid could mo..."
David Hamman
Science Department Chair
"Everything passes through Cashnet. It helped us automate through the years. HCC has had such a good r..."

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