"The really important issue is the complex settlement of royalties that are due to the song owner, mak..."
Swen Scholz
Vice President Finance & Treasury
"The most important aspect when implementing a TMS is to know your business. You need to really unders..."
Antonio Gallina
Head of Treasury
"tm5 enables us to initiate and send payments within the system via SWIFT, standardizing the way we pr..."
Peter Pontidas
Corporate Treasurer
"The automation of standard processes is our way of freeing up time, allowing us to advise the group c..."
Roman Klass
Vice President Group Treasury
"We want to be a trusted partner. dormakaba stands for: trusted partner for smart & secure access solu..."
Thorsten Schmidt
Deputy Vice President Group Treasury
"The introduction of the treasury management system has been a real leap in terms of visibility of the..."
Hans-Jürgen Meyer
"We’re particularly proud that such a small team with only four people is able to manage all internati..."
Sebastian Marks
Team Leader Treasury & Cash
"We have to be ready to respond to the unexpected and ensure that the right amount of cash, in the rig..."
Jonathan Moore
Assistant Treasurer
"The web-based system has been the prerequisite for everyone pulling in the same direction. This stren..."
Carsten van Rahden
Head of Treasury and Insurance
"tm5 risk management is really effective: all data is available in real time, and we can select the in..."
Ulrich Riegel
Head of Treasury
"For us, tm5 is the perfect all-in-one solution. It enables us to manage the entire Bong group's treas..."
Martin Holm
"We were extremely happy with how easy the system is to use, which helped make group-wide acceptance m..."
Dirk Steinmetz
Head of Corporate Treasury
"For me, this solution brings significantly increased transparency on key indicators and more efficien..."
Rafael Bieniek
"We are able to achieve EMIR compliance with just two mouse clicks. The unified, web-based platform tm..."
Thomas Rogall
Head of Accounting/Finance
"The enhanced user permissions model in tm5 has enabled us to switch to a more secure and efficient pa..."
Timo Schumer
"BELLIN’s tm5 provides Darling Ingredients an easy access platform that processes the bulk of payments..."
Martijn van Steenpaal

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