"We’re particularly proud that such a small team with only four people is able to manage all internati..."
Sebastian Marks
Team Leader Treasury & Cash
"To stand still is to fall behind! It is changes that make treasury sexy!..."
Frank Kröner
Group Treasurer
"Dealing with earmarked donations is a particular challenge for ICRC’s treasury. We need to make sure..."
Christine Zaninetti
Deputy Head Finance and Administration Division
"Our treasury team has a broad range of responsibilities – starting with banking, to processing financ..."
Andreas Schwarz
Director Group Treasury
"I would advise other corporates to establish a structured netting process. It helps us save on bankin..."
Andreas Resei
European Treasurer
"Only tm5 could provide what we needed in that timeframe. For this kind of challenge we could not have..."
Jeremy Hamon
Head of Group Treasury
"From a strategic point of view, we have a centralized setup with clear structures and decentralized r..."
Thomas A. Woelk
Head of Corporate Treasury
"tm5 as the system representative and SWIFT as the connecting network make up the perfect line-up for..."
Josef Huber
Group Treasurer
"BELLIN’s tm5 is a modern and easy-to-use treasury management system that captures our daily treasury..."
Robert Lenterman
"With the introduction of tm5, the whole group has access to an integrated and holistic treasury platf..."
Julian Schmitt
Manager Treasury & Investor Relations
"The web-based system has been the prerequisite for everyone pulling in the same direction. This stren..."
Carsten van Rahden
Head of Treasury and Insurance
"tm5 risk management is really effective: all data is available in real time, and we can select the in..."
Ulrich Riegel
Head of Treasury
"Everybody was convinced by the time saved, the transparent processes and the logical setup of tm5. Ou..."
Emanouil Varouxis
Treasury Analyst
"For me, this solution brings significantly increased transparency on key indicators and more efficien..."
Rafael Bieniek
"We are really happy: tm5 provides visibility of the many individual contracts and all payment-related..."
Alexander-Friedrich Reich
Head of Group Treasury
"For any question that comes up, BELLIN is able to provide a helpful answer. It just works, and that i..."
Markus Köhler
Head of Global Treasury & Risk Management

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