"tm5 enables us to initiate and send payments within the system via SWIFT, standardizing the way we pr..."
Peter Pontidas
Corporate Treasurer
"The introduction of the treasury management system has been a real leap in terms of visibility of the..."
Hans-Jürgen Meyer
"One of the biggest challenges is creating a shared mindset in a decentralized organization...."
Daniel Kretschmer
Group Treasurer
"Only tm5 could provide what we needed in that timeframe. For this kind of challenge we could not have..."
Jeremy Hamon
Head of Group Treasury
"We ensure that all entities worldwide are integrated in our TMS. And we make sure that funds are made..."
Christian Schnurbusch
Director Group Treasury
"If you want to have a professional risk management process, there’s no way around comprehensive stand..."
Peter Dollinger
Executive Vice President Finance & Administration
"Martin Bellin once said that a corporate group has to be very well off to afford not having a netting..."
Franz Bramböck
Group Treasurer
"The web-based system has been the prerequisite for everyone pulling in the same direction. This stren..."
Carsten van Rahden
Head of Treasury and Insurance
"tm5 risk management is really effective: all data is available in real time, and we can select the in..."
Ulrich Riegel
Head of Treasury
"For us, key factors were the philosophy behind the application and its user interface. tm5 is a globa..."
Amaury Godron
Director of Group Financing & Cash Management
"Everybody was convinced by the time saved, the transparent processes and the logical setup of tm5. Ou..."
Emanouil Varouxis
Treasury Analyst
"We were extremely happy with how easy the system is to use, which helped make group-wide acceptance m..."
Dirk Steinmetz
Head of Corporate Treasury
"With tm5, we implemented a platform that supports the treasury at Schüco efficiently and professional..."
Thomas Schlesing
Head of Group Treasury
"The enhanced user permissions model in tm5 has enabled us to switch to a more secure and efficient pa..."
Timo Schumer
"The feedback from our group companies is great. They were a bit skeptical to start with, having to ch..."
Gunnar Pape
Treasury Manager
"With tm5, we have found an all-in-one solution that supports our daily planning efforts very well and..."
Gabriele Jandrisevits-Herzog
Head of Treasury and Asset Management

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