"The scope for the Windows 7 desktop was to deploy it into areas that had previously been put off by t..."
Mark Stephenson
Technical Services Transition Manager, University of Dundee
"Our academics and researchers needed to be able to seek out and download a wide range of applications..."
Steve Dashfield
Manager, Corporate Academic Systems, University of Derby
"Regardless of what version of Windows you use, run users with standard user privileges wherever possi..."
Neil McDonald
Distinguished Analyst, Gartner
"Avecto fitted the bill perfectly in terms of keeping user desktops flexible and customizable, while..."
Lee Barnett
CISO, PwC Switzerland
"We were immediately impressed with the capabilities of Avecto’s software and since it has been introd..."
Jim Dolson
Manager of Hardware and Technology
"With any implementation you do naturally think about user down time, but with Avecto we experienced n..."
Duncan Watkins
"Avecto stood out by the sheer fact we could remove administrator rights, and deploy the on-demand ele..."
Kenneth Merenda
Client Systems Architect, FMC Technologies
"Avecto’s functionality, such as whitelisting and blacklisting, is extremely robust...."
Rick Bywalski
IT Support Technician, Holland & Knight LLP
"Avecto is one of my favorite security products on the market. I tell everyone to buy it...."
Large US Construction Company
Network Security Engineer
"Today’s threat landscape has changed dramatically; each new day seems to bring a host of new attacks...."
Jim Nixon
Application Support Manager
"Already we are seeing positive changes as staff embrace the new desktop, which we expect will help gr..."
Shop Direct Group
"The Avecto product works great with environments that need an easy and quick way to implement privile..."
Senior Systems Engineer
"It’s a diamond of an idea that will allow organizations to manage and digest what can seem a very cum..."
Sami Laiho
MVP and Ethical Hacker

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