"Thanks to the connection between AT Internet’s API and our datamart, we have a view that’s quantitati..."
Julien Bizet
Projects and Innovation Manager Marketing
"Having such accurate data about one’s Internet site is as important today as information that is coll..."
Olivier Hameau
Web Marketing and E-Advertising Manager
"At Rambler we don’t like measuring things just to obtain numbers. The AT Internet solution has provid..."
Dmitry Kharitonov
Head of Infrastructure Department
"The strength of AT Internet is that it helps us affirm decisions about changes that may be heavily si..."
Caroline Roullet
Loyalty and Monetisation Manager
"MV testing guarantees the security of online modifications, whilst using a reduced test group to veri..."
Justin Ziegler
IT Director and Co-Founder
"AT Internet’s funnel analyses really allowed us to measure each step of the purchase process, identif..."
Julien Debriel
Digital Analytics Manager
"The constant and continual evolution of our websites and applications means that new analytics needs..."
Bruno Guilbot
Data and Behavioural Marketing Manager
"We started out with 3 completely different measurement tools, which were not cross-platform, to measu..."
Dilson Varela Ribeiro
Head of Data
"In terms of digital, Total’s position is rather unique. Our challenges are multi-lingual, multi-site,..."
Vincent Canneva
Head of Web Analytics
"The number of unique visitors across our entire network is fundamental information for us. That’s exa..."
Etienne Godfroy
Web Audience Manager
"AT Internet has allowed us to draw up hypotheses using real figures. Thanks to the tool, we have been..."
Ludovic Sartory
Web Analytics Manager
"Customers entrust us with the thing most precious to them: their data...."
Octave Klaba
Founder and Chairman
"Thanks to AT Internet we can now determine which content brings readers to the site and which generat..."
Pierre Buffet
Le Monde
"We use Internet user browsing data provided by AT Internet to improve our customer knowledge in order..."
Charlotte Legrand
E-CRM Manager
"Automise what you can automise, educate who you can educate and always be there to help!..."
Andreas Stanitzok
Web analytics & Business Intelligence Manager
"AT Internet provides managers at Total France with key information for improving our offerings...."
Cédric Vigneau
Head of E-Business

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