"We’ve been able to move faster, iterate faster, and take a few more risks...."
Audrey Tsang
Director of Product
"What made me excited about Apptimize was the ease by which we could make a change to this new app tha..."
Jon Li
Senior Director of Product, Vevo
"Apptimize helped us avoid a HUGE mistake. We no longer have to implement important changes to our app..."
Ng Jing Shen
CTO and Co-founder
"Now we really know what works before releasing it to millions of users...."
Bjorn Fant
Director of Marketing
"This test is a reminder that telcos need to push the boundaries and build compelling digital proposit..."
Juraj Cangar
Product Manager
"Testing should be a normal part of the product life cycle. Everything that is changed on a product ca..."
Erin McLaine
Global Head of Conversion Optimization
"Instead of only focusing on what you can add, you should also focus on testing what you can remove. S..."
Amanda Richardson
VP Product
"At Stash, we are on a mission to make investing simple and accessible. Apptimize enables us to take i..."
Matt Hamilton
VP of Product Infrastructure
"Using Apptimize has been a game-changer for us. We have been able to develop an A/B testing mentality..."
Julia Tessler
Data Scientist & Machine Learning EngineerData Scientist & Machine Learning Engineer
"The more we A/B test, the more we learn, the bigger of an impact we can have...."
Evelyn Cordner
Lead Engineer and Manager of Growth Team
"There was one really minor change that we made. I was shocked by it! My gut said no but I was proven..."
Corinne Almirol
Product Manager

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