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Case studies are helpful for understanding how similar needs may have been addressed by Apptimize.

FeaturedCustomers.com has 5 case studies. Browse this list to see how Apptimize has worked with different customers like SafeTrek and Hotel Tonight.
Case studies are helpful for understanding how similar needs may have been addressed by Apptimize.

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SafeTrek had received several glowingly favorable reviews before implementing their test, but the creators believed that they could dramatically increase sharing and rating of the app with a few simple changes. The idea they had was to change the standard sharing icon to something more unique and representative of the idea that you are giving a friend access to life by sharing this app.
No customers had yet complained about the issue, but HotelTonight’s customer dedication pushed the team to preempt potentially confusing customer experiences. With the App Store submission process being lengthy and unpredictable, the team needed to resolve it with a quick and effective solution.

Clever Lotto’s growth lead Andreas Fuchs decided to create a multivariate A/B test to determine the best color and copy for this call to action using the Visual Apptimizer. The following variants took him only five minutes to create, required zero developer resources, and was deployed to users immediately because Visual Apptimizer tests don’t need new app store approvals.

The core function of Paktor is the user’s ability to indicate likes and dislikes of the potential matches shown. For each potential match, the user has three available actions: swipe to the next match, like the match or dislike the match. The default version of the app had thumbs up and thumbs down icon for liking and disliking.

Jing Shen Ng

Variant C (shown above) changed the formatting and modified the copy, increasing their conversions by 8%. This made sense to the team, as it emphasized both the speed and ease of creating an account, whilst also providing a the largest value proposition by saying that they’d be able to unlock “everything on Glassdoor,” which was the most specific in terms of benefit to the user. Using Apptimize, Glassdoor was able to greatly increase their KPIs with ease and gave them confidence that they made the best call.


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