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Learn how comanies are using Appfolio to benefit their business.

Learn how these 38 of 40 companies like Cadman Group and Cambridge Management Group, inc. use Appfolio. Is your use case similar to other Appfolio customers? Recent testimonials and success stories can help you discover where Appfolio excels - is it software or technical compatibility, is it how Appfolio works with their customers? Is it both? Read more.

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  • Austin Landmark Properties Services, Inc.
  • Cadman Group
  • Cambridge Management Group, inc.
  • Carefree Property Management Inc
  • Cassidy & Associates Real Estate, Inc.
  • Concord Real Estate Services
  • Dawson Property Management
  • Dodson Property Management
  • Eric Davis Group
  • Ernst and Haas Management Co.
  • FBS Property Management
  • First Service Residential Realty
  • Gelt, Inc.
  • Gordon Property Management
  • H.M.S. Development
  • Hampton & Hampton Management & Leasing
  • Hanes Property Management
  • Homepointe Property Management
  • Howard Management Group
  • Jackson Group Property Management
  • L. Moore Property Management
  • M3 Multifamily
  • Mainlander Property Management
  • MC3 Multifamily
  • McGrath Real Estate
  • Mesa Property Management
  • Mission Property Group
  • MK Property Management
  • Northwoods Property Management
  • OCF Realty
  • Property Management Systems, Inc.
  • Redstone Residential
  • Register Real Estate
  • Renters Warehouse
  • Sterling Property Management
  • Sundance Property Management
  • Walters Home Management
  • Yale Management Services