"I use ANSYS SpaceClaim for everything I want to do in 3-D...."
Michael McGinnis
"There is much more here than an engineering challenge. It is vital that we eliminate risk when offeri..."
Richard Barlow
Operations Manager
"ANSYS’ user programmable feature (UPF) was used to create a creep subroutine based on ASME code case..."
Balram Kalra
Assistant Manager-PED Design
"ANSYS Mechanical technology helped us create a more beautiful, stronger and faster superyacht design..."
Chad Caron
Naval Architect
"I was surprised at how well the results of Discovery Live matched up with those from ANSYS Fluent. We..."
Andrew Hobbs
Chief CFD/DIEM Engineer
"Luxury super yachts must be designed to meet rigorous weight requirements so that these exceptional v..."
Axel Reinsch
"WISPs competing to provide internet service to underserved areas in rural Brazil face the challenge o..."
Ricardo Damian
Director of Engineering
"Simulations using ANSYS helped us optimize the chlorine gas distribution inside our Stable Bleaching..."
Basavaraj Kamanakeri
Scientist – Process Engineering Division
"NEM engineers apply ANSYS solutions to optimize heliostats that concentrate solar energy to generate..."
Ingmar van Dijk
Solar Team
"I found it tremendous working in cross sections in ANSYS SpaceClaim. I could see everything at a glan..."
Steven Aguirre
"Application of ANSYS ICEM CFD software has allowed us to considerably improve the quality of mesh str..."
Dmitry Borisov
Chief of CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM Division
"AGCO is a leading manufacturer of agricultural equipment designed to work reliably under normal, chal..."
Eberhard Würtele
Stress Engineer
"With the recent developments in software and computer hardware, a very complex CFD problem involving..."
John G. Mathieson
Manager Iron and Steelmaking Research
"We, at Philips Lighting, use ANSYS Multiphysics for the design optimization of highpressure Ceramic g..."
Louis Peters
Development Engineer
"We use ANSYS® Mechanical™ software to perform structural analysis, which helps us to estimate the lif..."
Jakob Trentini
"ANSYS® StructuralTM was valuable in studying stress levels for this project, especially the convenien..."

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