"Certain key generator characteristics; the subtransient reactance, the open-circuit saturation curve,..."
Joshua Lorenz
Kato Engineering
"ANSYS Multiphysics is limited only by the performance of the hardware on which it is installed...."
Mike Martin
Head of the Mechanical Integrity Group
"Our goal in designing the new C130 jaw crusher was to deliver greater work capacity without increasin..."
Juuso Nänimäinen
Structural Analyst
"ANSYS continues to be critical iterative software for design optimization and probabilistic lifing of..."
A.A. Wereszczak
Senior Staff Scientist
"I’ve gained back at least 50 percent of my time with ANSYS SpaceClaim and am now able to focus on ana..."
Pierre Ngankeu
Senior Mechanical Engineer
"ANSYS and ANSYS Workbench were chosen to be a perfect virtual try out space for TEMSA where new struc..."
Kadir Elitok
FEA Engineer
"Overall, the top-down blocking approach of ANSYS ICEM CFD Hexa is much faster than any of the other a..."
Philippe Beillas
Wayne State University
"Simulation with ANSYS software enabled us to balance design trade-offs between hydrodynamic performan..."
Kerry Quinn
Vice President, New Product Development
"I especially appreciate the intuitive nature of SpaceClaim. The tool figures out what I want to do be..."
Bill Wangard
"We changed from Cosmos to DesignSpace, because it is easier to use. It has the ability to solve compl..."
Gary Schutte
Senior Mechanical Engineer
"As a leading global aerospace and defense company, EADS depends on the development and integration of..."
Tamas Havar
Manager Lightweight Design
"ANSYS Fluent helped to predict engine performance early in the design process by simulating the air i..."
G. Nagarajan
Manager — CFD
"At Dürr, we have been using ANSYS ICEM CFD for seven years. It is our major ü meshing tool. ANSYS ICE..."
Guang Yu
CFD Engineer
"Using ANSYS Fluent software and Gompute HPC cloud resources, we reached the accuracy level our client..."
José Maria Cancer
CEO/CFO and Partner
"What makes ANSYS ICEM CFD Hexa a suitable tool for us is its ability to read in geometric data from a..."
Randy P. Hessel
Associate Scientist
"By comparison, CFX software from ANSYS enabled us to create, analyze, and compare dozens of virtual d..."
Jeff Hutchison
Principle Engineer

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