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Contact current users to see how they are using Amobee to benefit their business.

Contact current Amobee users to see how they are using Amobee to benefit their business.

Jim Candor

Executive VP, AccuWeather

Eli Hurwitz

Sr. Manager, Digital Marketing, NOOK at Barnes & Noble

Joe Laszlo

Senior Director of Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence, IAB at BMW

Adam Herman

Account Director, Booyah

Daphne Sacco

Director of Internet Marketing, eBay

Brian Goetz

Head of Mobile Marketing Global, Nokia

Nathan Rosenberg

Head of Brand, Optus

Mike Smith

COO, SingTel

YElena Aschberger

Director, Integrated and Digital Communication, Swarovski

John Bartleson

Director, Global Marketing, Telefonica Digital

Nick Gundry

Head of Marketing, APAC, Skype

Brian Bos

Senior Vice President, Group Director, Emerging Media, Team Detroit

Jean Donadieu

CMO,Orange County Trust Company

Elizabeth Becker

Media Marketing, Garmin International Inc.

Maria Roncal

SLS Las Vegas

Ben Soper

Spark SMG, Montana

Kate Sinnott

AMD on Sun Products at Merkley + Partners

Albert Thompson

Director, Digital Strategy Walton Isaacson

Glenn Knippenberg

President & Co-founder of AC Golden Brewing Company, Brewer of Colorado Native Lagers