"One of the main reasons for going with Agari is for brand reputation protection. On the outbound side..."
Sachin Kundra
Vice President, Information Technology
"Agari facilitated compliance with BOD-18-01 across the enterprise. It has stopped many phishing email..."
Federal Government
"Email is the channel that impacts your customers and impacts your employees, so by securing it with A..."
Richard Szymborski
Manager of IT Security and Risk Management
"The first 5 weeks of monitoring highlighted 20 million illegitimate emails being sent each week using..."
Mohan Seenippandian
"With Agari Customer Protect we prevent the delivery of thousands of fraudulent emails every month, tr..."
Ben Schoenecker
Senior Security Engineer
"We were able to identify and block advanced email attacks that SEGs missed by using Agari Enterprise..."
Anthony Murabito
Head of Global IT
"Using Agari we stopped 1.4m potentially fraudulent emails from being delivered to customers per month..."
Global 500 Financial Services Company
"From my standpoint, smaller organizations under 500 employees are more at risk to experience BEC emai..."
Ben Tartaglia
Senior IT Support and Manager
"We purchased Agari Enterprise Protect as an additional security control because we were receiving BEC..."
Francisco Miranda
Information Security Officer
"The reason why I chose Agari is to solve a specific challenge associated with malicious email - the r..."
Gary Warzala
Chief Information Security Officer
"Aetna has a long standing commitment to ensure the security of our clients and members. With the adop..."
Jim Routh
Chief Information Security Officer
"In my role as CISO, I look for partners not vendors. I feel like I have that relationship with Agari..."
Tom Brandl -
Chief Information Security Officer
"The Agari solution is more flexible and resilient...."
Bill Burns
Chief Trust Office
"Agari handles the heavy lifting to implement DMARC. We have been able to manage DMARC for a large por..."
US Federal Government
"Agari Customer Protect has proved valuable in securing the organization’s email and protecting our cu..."
Australian Federal Government
"44% of organizations were successfully hit with a targeted email attack that was launched via an acco..."
Osterman Research

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