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Contact current users to see how they are using AdRoll to benefit their business.

Contact current AdRoll users to see how they are using AdRoll to benefit their business.

Ryan Bonifacino

Vice President, Digital Strategy

Greer Alston

Marketing Manager

Matt Thier


Mike Nierengarten

President, Obility

Terry Whalen

Founder and CEO, CPC Search

Mike Tomita

Sr. Programs Manager

Bill Macaitis

Chief Marketing Officer

Kris Kayyal


Carl Thompson

CMO and Co–Founder, TradeGecko

Sam Kidd

Director of Sales and Marketing, TeamworkPM

Alexander Debelov

CEO & Co-Founder, Virool

Sean Foote

Marketing Coordinator, SingleHop

Sean Zinsmeister

Sr. Marketing Manager, Nitro

Allison Perry

Online Marketing Manager, Tableau Software

Garrett Scott

Sr. Marketing Manager, New Relic

Casey Kohner

Web Production Manager, Trek

Katherine Mamontoff

Corporate E-Commerce Manager

Becca Freeman

Digital Marketing Manager, Baublebar

Even Aas ENG

CEO, Venture Factory

Kate Hadden

Marketing Manager, Events

Casey Ueberroth

Senior Vice President of Marketing, Preferred Hotel Group

Chad Harris

Co-Founder and Owner, The Garden Gates

Michael Macintyre

Director of Online Marketing, Indochino

Mark Mcknight

Marketing and Creative Director, Rock Creek

Preston Rutherford

Co-Founder of Chubbies Shorts

Kristina Simonsen

Marketing Associate, Brilliant Earth

Jody Gamracy

Marketing Consultant, Arctic Spas

Gerardo Castillo

Pay Per Click Manager, Zagg

Tytana Yap

Online Marketing Manager, Vistaprint

Casper Vasbotten

Digital Marketing Director, OnePiece

Adam Schwartz

General Manager, BustedTees

Francois Bondiguel

Online Marketing Specialist

David Krohn

Online Marketing Manager

Griffin Thall

CEO, Pura Vida Bracelets

Josh Hix

Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Jefferson Nascimento

Online Marketing Manager

Kyle Larson

Online Marketing Manager

Sean Harcum

Internet Marketing Manager, First Street Online

Aaron Cheung


Georg Braun

Director of e-Channel Partners

Chike Chukwulozie

CEO and Co-founder

Todd Leibowitz

Director of Avertising, Simon & Schuster

Chris Michalak

Senior Account Executive, Elite SEM

Jennifer Johnson

Marketing Manager

Scott Schult

EVP of marketing, Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce

Lisa Dunn

Account Executive

Joseph Cole

Head of Marketing

Anatole Paty

Head of Display Marketing

Nick LoCoco

General Manager

Ben Francis

Co-Founder & Owner

Brad Morris

Director of Marketing Ops and Analytics

Jeremy Miller

Founder & President

Chris Michalak

Sr. Account Executive

Kim Carter

Branding Director, CelebBoutique