"External consultants and auditors continue to propose or demand that local authority reconciliation o..."
Tina Mollerup Laigaard
Managing Director
"Adra ACCOUNTS – unbeatable for electronic reconciliation...."
Jens Rask
Accounts Manager, Fog Superbest
"Just reconciling the 54 Swedish stores would take several days a month, now it’s done in one hour...."
Anna Eriksson
Accounts Manager
"With BALANCER our monthly financial reconciliation and closing routines are going to be improved and..."
Robert Erkers
Finance Manager
"The majority of the matching process is now significantly automated enabling staff to focus on the..."
Rob Butler
Finance Director, Zenith
"We can speed up our reminder process, we do not risk chasing up customers who have paid, and at the e..."
Allan Kundby Pedersen
Credit Manager, Saint-Gobain Distribution Denmark
"We reconcile much faster with Adra ACCOUNTS than we did before...."
Merete Wriedt
Accounts Assistant, SEAS-NVE
"Adra immediately grasped our requirements and has offered a breadth of capability and understanding o..."
David Ridley
Finance Director, Crabtree & Evelyn UK
"We are very pleased with the follow-up from Adra Match, and their consultants have worked efficiently..."
Stine Lekanger
Team Leader
"I have been in this line of work a long time, and tend to be quite critical, but this is probably amo..."
Gunilla Eriksson
Head of Funds Management
"We can now do the monthly reconciliations in just a couple of hours – and with a much more accurate r..."
Jens Andersen
Accounts Manager, Sparekassen Vendsyssel
"The most important thing is that we can now concentrate on important things such as analysis and stra..."
Marie Wrede
LRF Media
"We get a return on investment in the form of a system, traceability and better utilization of our tim..."
Oddrun Fristad
Accounts Department, Nemi Forsikring AS
"With 6500 monthly settlements, for which payment and invoicing can be made in different periods, it o..."
Torill Ruud
Health and Welfare Department, Municipality of Oslo
"The Adra proposal was well thought out, showed good understanding of our requirements and contained s..."
Josefine van der Peet
Municipality of Oslo
"Adra ACCOUNTS worked right from day one on our finance system (KMD ØS), and we were up and running th..."
Margit Andersen
Bookkeeper, Municipality of Kolding

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