"When fully implemented, we expect the solution to significantly scale our reach and enable additional..."
Alessandra Furtado
Assistant Director International Resourcing & Development
"Your approach has led us from subjective to data-based in the prioritization and design of our site e..."
Jill Brown Thomas
Director – Digital Experience Optimization
"We have started to transform our care delivery processes, not only within our own organization but al..."
Louis D. Filhour
Chief Executive Officer
"The vibrant fusion of people, culture and engineering across the partnership has been the underlying..."
Charlotte Light
Controller of Systems Delivery
"The data is a treasure trove...."
Ron Fuschillo
"The Australian water utility knew it needed to transform its operations and enhance its customers’ ex..."
Australian Water Utility
"Chinese insurer saves more than $14 million on travel costs and boosts cross-selling sales by 26 perc..."
Brandon Hall Group
Chief Strategy Officer and Principal HCM Analyst
"We’re encouraged by the results over the last several months. For us, this is just the beginning of o..."
Large U. S. Health System Network
"The category management game enables us to close the gap between theory and what can sometimes be an..."
Frits van den Bos
Manager ECR
"Western countries have taken the lead in InsTech. We were able to quickly launch this groundbreaking..."
Yasumasa Iwai
Executive Officer
"Accenture has been very important to us, and we have opted for Accenture as a result of their experti..."
Director of Operations
"Innovative and integrated patient services will help to improve quality of life, disease management a..."
Global Biopharmaceutical Company
"Despite what people think, having something answering the phone is not that common – most of the AI w..."
John Barron
Chief Information Officer
"With your help, we have been able to provide a better experience for our customers through constant t..."
Dan Mccauley
Head of Ecommerce
"The rate of input error was reduced from 33% to 5%, and lead time from application to issue of the se..."
Large International Insurance Firm
"Before Channel 4, I ran a tech business and it is clear that we must rapidly accelerate our digital c..."
Alex Mahon
Chief Executive Officer

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