"To maintain and achieve additional success in the Life Sciences industry it requires innovative deliv..."
Kevin Guerette
Executive Director Global Commercial Operations
"Carla enables us to connect with our more than 28 million customers in a simple, intuitive way, offer..."
Rodrigo Trevizan
Digital Experience Director
"We are excited to provide our pharmacy partners across Australia with a new one-stop, secure ordering..."
Jeff Sells
Executive General Manager – Retail Pharmacy
"It’s a significant change for our 127 year old organization” says Kevin Young, Managing Director of S..."
Kevin Young
Managing Director
"During migration to the new provisioning systems, a main goal of KPN was to ensure that customer impa..."
Vladimir Cibic
Director Change & Innovation Fixed
"KPN has always been keen on moving towards a simplified yet powerful Business Support System (BSS). I..."
Bouke Hoving
Executive Vice President Simplification & Innovation and Chief Information Officer
"The vibrant fusion of people, culture and engineering across the partnership has been the underlying..."
Charlotte Light
Controller of Systems Delivery
"The Allianz Global Network program is a key element in our strategy to build a digital platform for A..."
Ralf Schneider
Global CIO
"By applying a holistic toolkit with a range of different AI technologies, we have built a solution th..."
Vibeke Siljan Krohn
Chief Operating Officer
"Chinese insurer saves more than $14 million on travel costs and boosts cross-selling sales by 26 perc..."
Brandon Hall Group
Chief Strategy Officer and Principal HCM Analyst
"We believe this model can help us be more efficient, agile, capable and secure by giving us important..."
Zhanna Golodryga
Senior Vice President, Services and Chief Information Officer
"We’ve transformed more than just our products and services, this project has changed our culture, how..."
Santiago Aldana
Senior VP Digital Technology
"Full Service is helping us reshape the horizon, not just for our business but for the whole postal in..."
Tom Day
Senior VP of Intelligent Mail® and Address Quality and Co-Lead for the Program
"Enabled through our collaboration with Accenture and Avanade, we have achieved a lot with the build o..."
Owen Coppage
Chief Information Officer
"Before Channel 4, I ran a tech business and it is clear that we must rapidly accelerate our digital c..."
Alex Mahon
Chief Executive Officer
"The bank can now manage the ongoing validation of PD models in a more structured way...."
Italian Bank

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