"Thank you for your time last week. It was exactly what I was hoping for and fit in well with where ou..."
Simon Usher
Chief Executive Officer
"Mercedes-Benz is known for its innovation. With the help of Accenture and AWS, Mercedes-Benz.io has e..."
Stefan Zerweck
Chief Executive Officer
"Together we have developed a strong partnership focused on transforming financial and human resource..."
Nuria Simo
Chief Information Officer
"When fully implemented, we expect the solution to significantly scale our reach and enable additional..."
Alessandra Furtado
Assistant Director International Resourcing & Development
"By identifying at-risk population groups, such as the uninsured and Medicare recipients, we can provi..."
Evon Holladay
Vice President – Enterprise Intelligence
"Accenture’s security transformation program has helped the company define a cyber security baseline a..."
Large Finnish Employment Pension Company
"What Accenture brought to Willys+ was a deep understanding of the retail environment combined with di..."
Patrick Grabenbauer
Director of Marketing and Communications
"Building loyalty is about gaining a deep understanding of shoppers. What drives them? Which channels..."
Kerstin Elvegård
Head of Customer Loyalty
"After reviewing the results of the trial in Malawi and making recommendations for improvements, we ar..."
Doug Greene
Chief Information Officer
"Moving from a physical on-premise IT infrastructure to a managed public cloud environment is a big an..."
Mark Dajani
CIO and SVP of Global Business Services
"The solution’s speed enables us to continually improve our customer experiences. By bringing out func..."
Thomas Seibert
Senior Technical Lead Architect
"Western countries have taken the lead in InsTech. We were able to quickly launch this groundbreaking..."
Yasumasa Iwai
Executive Officer
"A mobile tool delivers timely and succinct information to an asset manager’s retail sales team...."
Boosting Retailing Company
"With Accenture’s support, a multinational insurer was able to achieve three of its strategic goals: i..."
Multinational Insurance Enterprise
"Accenture was able to complete implementation of a core insurance system on budget and on time in und..."
Zurich Insurance
"The OceanMedallion™ is the apex in travel as it relates to delivering personalized experiences becaus..."
John Padgett
Chief Experience and Innovation Officer

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