"It's easy to use and with live Q&A, it's super interactive...."
Leo Gomez
AV Systems Engineer
"Ustream has been a big part of helping us keep that small company feel . . . Ustream allows us to cr..."
Tien Tzuo
Founder & CEO
"Ustream customer support is unusually superb. Support is the #1 reason to recommend Ustream to others..."
Douglas Munro
HDTV Productions
"IBM Cloud Video’s flexible video technology, its depth of experience in digital workflow, and its und..."
Lauris Apse
Director of Digital Products
"Ustream allows us to put our content where the public is...."
Veronica McGregor
NASA JPL News and Social Media Manager
"We’re always looking to leverage technologies that will help us manage complexities and ensure that t..."
Richard Shirley
VP of Distribution Business Development
"Our biggest product launch ever without the benefit of a trade show, so we had to get creative...."
Jeo Sparacio
Online Marketing Manager
"The audience is engaging with the message. Its good for the brand when the public sees that Georgeto..."
Rob Mathis
Social Media Director
"Using Ustream, we’re able to get our viewers right into the places they can’t see...."
Jon Orlin
Executive Producer
"Ustream is a great tool for the University to reach into people’s homes . . . We’re trying to be a w..."
Jim Salisbury
Station Manager

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