"When you are in a meeting with the CFO or CEO and they ask ‘what if we do this?’, ‘what if we do that..."
Kevin Cerutti
Director of Finance, ForeScout
"When choosing a platform for our planning, budgeting, and reporting initiative, it was crucial that w..."
Enrico Douwens
Finance Director, RWG
"We built the monthly P&L forecast on our own, which gives you a sense of how easy it is to pick up An..."
Nathan Tiller
Director of Finance
"There was a lot of manual work, and over time we’d ended up with this daisy chain of linked spreadshe..."
Melissa McFarland
Director Accounting
"The Anaplan implementation team was all about listening to our needs as a customer...."
Amrith Nambiar
Vice President of Business Applications, ServiceSource
"We have the ability to build into Anaplan the analytics and insights needed to identify the best resu..."
Mike Lemberg
VP of Finance, Service Source
"The most powerful element of Anaplan is that our sales plan is no longer a black box. Our sales organ..."
Wyatt Albertson
Senior Manager of Sales Strategy and Planning, Tableau Software
"Anaplan works well for our planning teams. The tool creates a clear sense of where data should origin..."
Roya Williams
Senior Manager, Business Operations
"No one has to worry about when was the data pulled, and whether you are stitching together two differ..."
Jeremy Scheffel
Senior Director of Sales Performance Intelligence Team
"We’ve had a very good experience with Anaplan. I truly believe that they are looking out for us and w..."
Wade Latham
Senior Director of Operations
"Connected planning is important because it enables the owners of the budgets to have an active role i..."
David Inns
Director of FP&A and Business Intelligence
"Understanding the impact of scenarios on our business performance is a critical component of long-ter..."
Eleanor Thornhill
Head of Online Financial Strategy and Performance
"In a planning role, it’s difficult to make things sexy, but I think Anaplan does that...."
Damian Scaccia
Head of Planning Engagement
"Implementing Anaplan was easy. Why? Because it’s cloud-based, so you don’t have a reliance on IT...."
Sandy Aers
"We now have deeper insights and can plan more collaboratively and strategically for the future which..."
Chris Sharp
Finance Director
"We were able to implement the Anaplan platform within five weeks, which, when we looked at other prod..."
Andrew Dinwiddie
Head of Performance Management

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