Supply chain management and logistics management are key areas of your business so need to run smoothly and cost-effectively so your consumers get the goods and services they want when they need them. Supply chain management also needs to take into account green supply chain management which is environmentally-friendly.

With the right software and systems, your supply chain manager and logistics manager can keep track of all orders so your business is efficient and productive. For information on software to boost productivity of your supply chain management, call us now on 1-888-SOFTWARE for advice.

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Supply Chain Management & Logistics

Supply and demand are key areas to any business. If customers demand something from you, you need to supply it quickly and efficiently. You also don’t want a warehouse full of stock which has cost you money so the flow of the goods and services needs to be managed effectively. To help the supply chain management run smoothly, you will need to invest in programmes such as Demand and Supply Planning Software, Order Management Software or Procurement Software so you keep on top of all of your orders and keep the customer satisfied.

The supply chain manager or logistics manager is the best person to oversee the supply chain management and logistics management of your company. Using the right software or supply chain suites to track orders means your staff have more time to deal with customers which is at the forefront of your business.

Software and programmes to make sure your company has an efficient flow of goods and services include:

What is supply chain management?

Supply chain management means co-ordinating the flow of goods, services, information and finances between suppliers, wholesalers, retailers, customers and consumers. The supply chain manager will be responsible for checking that the products or services are delivered as required.

Successful supply chain management will use  online tools and programmes such as channel management software, demand and supply planning software, distribution software and order management software to keep a check on orders and set up repeat orders where necessary.

The supply chain manager needs to be well organised to make sure goods and materials are moved from supplier to the customer and will need to be a good problem solver if something breaks down in the chain. Supply management is the core of most businesses and so needs to be done precisely.

Nowadays, environmental factors come into play with green supply chain management looking to minimise the impact that supply chain management has on the environment. Green supply chain management can involve reducing air miles, using sustainable sources, cutting emissions and having a less visible impact on the environment.

What is logistics management?

Logistics management is part of the supply chain management process of managing goods and services so that they are efficiently despatched from the supplier to the consumer.

The logistics manager is responsible for making sure that the supply chain flows effectively by keeping track of stock, delivery and associated costs. Logistic management needs to be tightly controlled by the logistics manager so that it is both timely and cost effective.

With the right software systems in place, the supply chain management of a company can be more easily controlled. Call us now on 1-888-SOFTWARE so we can guide you through the supply chain management and logistics management software available to suit your company.

Packages to run an efficient supply chain management could include: