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Human Resource Management

What is Human Resource Management?

Human Resource Management software also called Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS), Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) or Human Capital Management (HCM) software is an efficient way to manage a growing workforce. These solutions streamline the conventional human resource management functions of personnel tracking, training, benefits administration and payroll. Apart from boosting your productivity by putting most of these administrative functions on autopilot, HR management software also offers strategic support by helping you recruit, manage and develop your company’s most valuable assets – People.

Human resources management software comprises of three main categories Workforce Solutions, Core HR and Strategic HR also known as Talent Management and Employee Engagement. Other categories of Human Resources Management include:

1. Core HR: This human resource management software category includes three traditional HR functions – benefits administration, personnel tracking and payroll. These tend to be essential functions for a company once it reaches a considerable number of employees. For example, you need core human resource functionality as an efficient alternative to managing payroll and employees with burdensome spreadsheets.

2. Talent Management and Employee Engagement: this HR management software category accelerates your company’s workforce by attracting and developing the best people as well as efficiently managing your workforce overall.

3. Strategic HR Applications: These are a combination of several different elements including recruitment and applicant tracking, performance review and learning management functionality. Talent management applications streamline these processes to ensure your company is using its human resources as efficiently as possible, and also helps employees continue to grow and develop resulting in increased employee satisfaction and retention rates.

4. Workforce Solutions: Also referred to as Workforce Administration, this range of human resources management software solutions are designed to effectively schedule and track your workforce. If your employees work in shifts, workforce human resource management software solutions are ideal for your organization as they include applications that monitor compliance with labor laws, track time and attendance, payroll applications and some even integrate seamlessly with other payroll software.

Benefits of Human Resource Management Software

Happy workers make successful workers and it’s not only the job of human resources to make sure that basic human needs like pay and good working conditions are met, it’s also your job to make sure job satisfaction and employee engagement are a priority. Adopting human resource management software ensures that each part of your HR department functions more smoothly, and this is true for both small and large scale businesses.

The list of benefits of human resource management software is rather extensive, but here we are listing few of them to give you an idea on what you’re missing out on!

  • Productivity – perhaps the biggest benefit of using HRMS software is its ability to automate several functions in your HR department, most notably payroll and benefits administration. With employee benefits administration functionality, new hires as well as employees can electronically enroll in benefit plans. Furthermore, they may also be provided with access to monitor and update their coverage plans throughout the year, and even change status or dependant information.

  • Morale – a recent study indicates that HR departments in the United States spend as much as an astounding 40 percent of any given day on benefits administration. Human resource management software not only automates most of these tasks, but allows HR workers to focus on other areas of the department, and even manage their own benefits. The feeling of being in control can provide a boost of morale throughout your organization, and is an essential element of good human resource management systems.

  • Reduced Errors – there are several serious complications both financial and legal that can be caused due to human error. Take for example a simple misplaced decimal point can result in serious issues, but human resource management software considerably reduces the amount of errors.

  • Compliance – errors can be costly for any business, and complying with state and federal laws and managing employee information can be tricky. Human resources software provides several options that make it easy to manage all aspects of your organization including compliance related information.

  • Metrics – in order to stay ahead of the competition, organizations must constantly review current information and devise new strategies, and HR software provides several tools to accurately determine issues such as turnover rate and hiring costs.

  • Training – Training is an essential part of a good HR Management Suite that helps to develop online trainings, providing a learning path to an employee based on his performance and growth plans, dashboard for managers and higher management to monitor the progress of team in terms of learning in new areas or expertise training in current working domain. Some of the high end high end HR Management Suites also provides Content Management System to store online course materials, certifications, training records etc.

How Can You Peruse Human Resource Management App Reviews?

When trying to narrow the field of which human resources management software is right for your business, you should first determine your needs and goals of using such a software solution. If you’re a small to medium size business with no HR software looking to consolidate a few standalone solutions, an integrated HR suite is an ideal choice. This type of human resources management system will integrate some of your basic HR functions within a single system.

HR Management software solutions are typically part of a software bundle called the HR Management Suite which includes different modules under one suite e.g. Core HR, Talent Management, Learning Management, Payroll etc. come under a HR Management suite. You can buy a software suite and can take individual licenses for different modules that can also be integrated with other softwares, e.g. Core HR integrated with custom built Payroll solution. Most of the HR Management Suites are developed on best practices in HR processes, but they also have the facility to customize the modules to meet your organization's specific requirements and build custom reports, dashboards etc. for HR Intelligence reporting. If you have some specific requirements to customize as per your organization’s HR processes then you should also look out for customization/extension feasibility in the software. HR Management suits can be implemented on premises and they can also be cloud based solutions.

If you have plans to scale your workforce quickly, a reputed recruiting and applicant tracking system is an ideal solution. Many human resource software solutions that provide this functionality are able to automatically post jobs to social media channels and job boards, and even simplify candidate tracking and on-boarding of new employees. With powerful reporting capabilities and instant access to databases of candidates, online recruitment becomes far easier, allowing you to expand your talent base and make the most of your current talent pool.

If your staff work in multiple shifts, and you have to complete tasks such as approving time off requests such as in grocery stores, hospitals or restaurants, you will need a human resources management system that offers robust workforce administration capabilities. Many of these HR software solutions integrate seamlessly with your current payroll software to ensure all worked hours are compensated, and even feature an onsite payroll system to assist when running massive payrolls.

Developing your workforce ensures that your outperforming employees are recognized and rewarded accordingly, which results in lower attrition and higher satisfaction rates among employees. Talent management solutions allow you to do just that with everything from employee training tools, peer feedback gathering functionality to performance appraisal solutions.  

With HR software becoming widely adopted by both small and large businesses, many HR software vendors have widely embraced the web based or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) deployment method. This range of applications can be easily integrated and updated, and accessed by employees and HR staff from virtually any device with an internet connection. Budget is another deciding factor while looking for a HR solution. There may be additional costs for customizations and after implementation support. If solution is implemented on premises then there will be additional hardware/data center costs and cloud based solution can be an alternate for that.

From mobile apps for managing HR from anywhere and anytime to using social media as a recruiting tool, technology innovation is changing the way human resource management software is being used, and with HR software vendors developing more user friendly interfaces with a rich set of features, it is important to read human resource management app reviews to distinguish which vendors will deliver.

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